Friday, February 08, 2008

Black Spy vs White Spy

A long long time ago in another century where the Internet was just making its debut to the public, there was a humorous magazine called 'MAD'. It was more like a spoof magazine cleverly laid out in caricatures that would tickle just about anybody. And my favourite caricature was in a comic strip entitled 'Black Spy vs White Spy'.

The thing about BSWS I like best is there were virtually no lines or dialogs between the Black Spy (jahat) and the supposedly the good White Spy. It was, just plain black-and-white sketches of the 2 characters battling each other out in the eternal battle between good and evil. Off course, in each episode, the White Spy wins towards the end. And now when I look back at it from another angle, the BSWS is almost like the Mr Bean series. Now, the reason why I mention the BSWS is this...

Several days back I received this text message from a person claiming to be a lady who would like to purchase parts of a video clip where Tun Dr M launched his book sometime last week or the other from webtv8. I checked with Roslan and text her back that it was not a problem and once ready we - I, that is - will deliver it to her without any charges. We are afterall, on the same side...or so as I would like to think.

Late this afternoon she sent me another text on the same matter. Once Roslan confirmed to me everything was ready, I tried calling her but she would not pick up the call. Ok, she may be busy, the thought came to me. Perhaps, she will call back. Now, its nearly 10pm, about 3 hours since I called her and still nothing. This caused my mind to remember the BSWS mentioned above. I mean, what if it is a trap for me? I go to meet her to deliver the clip at some secluded place somewhere just outside of KL, and some 3 days later, all the dailies splash this news below:

" Aeroback car found burnt to cinders in the distrit of Ijok. Police have not confirmed that there were no bodies found but have yet to identify the owner of the car...blah blah blah."

But the good news is I now do not have to deliver the, solamatlah den ni ha! Instead, Azzaidy, one of the technical members of the team will.

Anyway, webtv8 has started putting their clips on the You Tube to relieve the over capacity problem on the server. And the latest clip is as below. Do watch it, thank you.


acciaccatura said...

salam shah,
hmm...tak kan saya lupa kg berembang. used to go visit kak esah, who has 3 (THREE) special kids.when she moved to kepong, her problems started.
keadaan di kepong tak serupa di berembang where everybody knows everybody. Allah Taala saja tahu keadaan sebenar, biar kak esah tuntut semuanya di akhirat esok.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Accia,

Memang banyak kes yang menghayat hati, dan itu baru di Kg Berembang saja, belum lagi perkampungan lain lagi. Walaupun mahkamah telah memihak kepada penduduk untuk masa kini, gangguan dan trauma terutama kepada anak anak di situ tidak boleh dilupa atau dipadamkan dengan keputusan mahkamah. Ketidakadilan tetap telah berlaku dan tidak nampak kesalan dari pihak berkuasa sedikit pun.

Di Kg Rimba Jaya, majistret di perbicaraan pertama harus dipuji. Beliau telah memihak kepada penduduk sambil mengeluar kata yang agak keras kepada MBSA dan MPKelang: Kamu sebagai pihak berkuasa tempatan sepatutnya melindungi penduduk dalam kes antara penduduk dan pemaju. Sepaling tidak kamu sepatutnya berlaku neutral dan tidak sama sekali memihak kepada pemaju! Tapi kini kamu terang terang membantu pemaju!"

Sedihnya, pemaju membuat rayuan dan menang dalam rayuan tersebut.

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

I am not an idealist. Not that I don't want to but its frustrating to be an idealist,

Why is there rot in most our systems here(and else where)?Why is corruption rampant?Why is there abuse of power ?

In the Malaysian context, those who held powers are Malay Muslims. Yet, we see and can't deny, its the Malay Muslims who are abusing the systems.It might be for themselves or might be for someone elses benefits.

Why? As a muslim I'm sure they know that the abuses of power or corruption is a big NO in Islam. By doing all these your are victimising others(doesn't matter if they are muslims or not) and that act of zalim is not acceptable to ALLAH.

So,why do the Malay Muslims who have the power at whatever level commits kezaliman which is frowned by Islam?

Its simple. Lemah iman. They have iman but their iman is not nutured to a healthy iman.Their iman is immunosuppresed from the charms of desire.

All of us had our own weaknesses.Me,you and everyone. But despite these not many dare to menzalimi the general public which was amanah into their care and jurisdiction. The local councils have an amanah towards the citizens within their locality. They are supposed to serve the citizens interest rather the few rich one who are taking advantages against the poor and under priviledged.

On the larger scale, same thing goes to the elected politicians and ministers.We know. they will tell us all the time, they are doing this and that for our benefits.For the rakyat.
Is that true?Then why are there rampant abuse of power,nepotisme cronyism corruption and etc?

Anybody can talk about Islam,about iman on stage. But for me, its what they do that reflects their mind and their iman.
I can talk about Islam and might impress a few ppl about it, but if I go out and buy nombor ekor,what does that reflect about my iman.

So is any ministers who tells us to tingkatkan iman,amalkan Islam yang syumul and all those stuff but what they are doing is the opposite then they are in my munafiqun's list.And munafiq doesn't deserve to be leaders.

tokasid said...


About MAD magazine.
If I'm not mistaken, the popularity of MAD, made GILA-GILA a success in Malaysia. Most Malaysian comics followed the MAD format. One(can't remember which one) did have their own version of BSWS).

And rightly so,MAD is like watching spoof movies,I remember they had about Jaws,Encounter of the 3rd kind etc.

Kata Tak Nak said...

First of all thank you so much for your condolences and that entry regarding this matter. My family and I appreciate it.

That 'Masih kah kau ingat' clip is simply good. There must be more.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

Reading through you 1st comment, reminds me of the Masjid Crystal in Kuala Terengganu which cost millions! Then, reportedly, when Friday came around, no one was able to perform the Solat Jumaat there as the building was not designed to cater for what good is the building then? And the officiating of the building was touted as 'Kerajaan armno Terengganu meningkatkan perkembangan syiar Islam dengan terbinanya masjid ni..."

Ahem, do pardon, I had something caught in my throat...

And yes, ever since Gila Gila was published, MAD soon disappeared from the local market. I like Gila Gila, but I still do like MAD. As for the BSWS, I'm afraid I can't remember the local version.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Sir, that is the least I could do. And I am glad to see you back on line.

With regards to the video clip, insyAllah, there will be more.

Zabs said...

Salam Shah,
I like the comic too. But normally I just from a friend. Takda duit nak beli sendiri.
On another note, please read my linking tag, you are on. TQ.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Pak Zabs,

Dah buat dah!

I guess us not-so-old-timers, do remember and like 'MAD' quite a lot. Another, is a British magazine called 'Punch' or something like that. But Punch was more of a reading material.