Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bird Out Of Cage

Well, not really. Its just that cakapaje bloke is beginning to make his move in anticipation of joining a Mutual Fund company, and rekindling acquaintances and friends he has not kept in touch with ever since leaving his last post. And since he was in Kelana Jaya this morning, he called a friend in the film industry for a teh tarik.

Hazrin, has been riding the roller coaster of the film industry for more than 15 years now. Starting from a techinal assistant, he now has his small office and has just come back from a month shooting stint in Singapore, filming a TV mini-series entitled 'Rahmat', which is supposed to be a sequel of sorts to an earlier mini-series called 'Menyusu Anak' or 'Anak Nak Susu', something like that. Do forgive that cakapaje bloke for he was not paying attention on that part. The part that caught his attention most was the part where Hazrin met a Pak Kassim in Geylang.

Now, it seems this Pak Kassim is a good tukang urut and was also in the film industry, working under Shaw Brothers for a good 35 years! It was during this time Pak Kassim met P Ramlee, and even had some minor roles with him! Being the chatty guy Hazrin is, cakapaje did not need to pester him about the tales which are quite interesting. But since time was rather short, Hazrin managed to narrate only 2:

1. Allahyarham P Ramlee was known to be a very generous person then. Back then when his name was an instant attraction in the cinemas, he would be paid RM30,000 for every film he starred in, which is a good sum in those days when a bottle of coke cost only 15cents or so. But of the amount he was paid, Allahyarham only took RM10,000 for himself, preferring to split the bigger share with everyone in the studio.

2. In perhaps a real life scene that became part of Seniman Bujang Lapok, Pak Kassim, Allahyarham, Shamsuddin and another person which Hazrin could not recall, went for lunch together. Allahyarham then asked who has money in which the other 3 replied negatively. Allahyarham then took out RM10 from his pocket and invited all 3 to have lunch on his treat. Along the way, they came across a beggar who put out his hand and asked for money. Allahyarham P Ramlee took out the RM10 - the only money he had for the day and meant to treat his friends - and gave it all to the beggar.

Understandably, his friends were quite upset and asked why he did that, to which he replied "Well, it was his money!".
One of the 3 asked back "What do you mean his money?"
"Well, since he asked for it, then it must be his!".

Being a student of a sufi school, Hazrin mentioned that for every dollar or ringgit we have, there are parts of it which belong to someone else. We, are only entrusted to hold the money till the time comes to give to the rightful person. Ok, cakapaje is not a sufi or even a student of it, but can certainly buy that.

By the way, though Geylang is now growing famous for other kind of 'massage services' as Hazrin informed me, Pak Kassim is a genuine act and he would recommend him to anybody; just look him up in Joo Chiat Complex in Geylang. Now, where that exactly is, that cakapaje bloke has no idea at all! But off course, it is only meant for men with body aches or nerve problems, as Pak Kassim does not seem to even want to heal a broken bone. Talking of which...

For Doc TA, medical doctors and those in the fraternity especially, please read the latest on Dr Basmullah here.


Kata Tak Nak said...

One thing I heard from people who goes for uruts, it is addictive. I believe them coz I have friends who are addicted to uruts. By urut here I mean the genuine, no hanky panky, urut. But then again, I am sure even the hanky panky type is addictive right? Otherwise how could it be a thriving business?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Yup! I got friends who are addicted to uruts as well...both kind! They call one 'urut sakit' and the other 'urut sedap'.

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

Hazrin sure got his hands full in Geylang. Pak Kassim is a source of information for those who wants to know about the good ole Jalan Ampas days.

As for urut, fortunately or unfortunately I'm not an urut kind of guy. It sure will tickle me this urut thing.

Thanks for the link about Dr Basmullah bro.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

I have lost touch with Singapore now; last there about 5 years ago. In fact, I don't even know exactly where Jalan Ampas is...poor me, hehe.

Orang tua tua kata, orang lelaki yang senang kena tickle ni, penyayang. Which means, you are :)

No prob Doc.