Friday, February 15, 2008

Restless in Kota Damansara

The BERSIH Press Conference that was supposed to take place near the Istana Negara was disrupted by the Police, Malaysiakini reported via BERSIH; what else is new? When ever the opposition tries to hold a gathering anywhere, the gomen will use the police to disrupt it, citing amongst the ridiculous of reasons, security concern or without permit. But when challenged by DSAI - as evident in the video footage in my previous to last posting - the police could not reply the logic of their reasons at all. What else is new?

I had wanted to do the coverage of the PC above but was told by Roslan not to come. He had, earlier to my call, received calls of the impending situation at the venue. Perhaps they were from friendly parties, perhaps not, he would not say. Further, no one was able to contact Wak Kasiran to cover the PC, and without the camera, my presence would be futile, he added. Yeah, sure. And I am sitting restless here waiting for assignments. Apart from 10-11, the last major assignment I had was the Ijok by election, which is something like eons ago already. And I'm through with climbing poles and trees to put up banners and what not, which in any case, the job should be handled by the Pemuda groups. Similarly with walking the streets and door to door to hand out posters and leaflets which is the conventional method of delivering our message to the people of Malaysia. Age old it may be, but still proven effective. But for the past 4 years or so, I have been delivering, but via the Internet. Still, I am restless for more action.

For the moment, the Kami Perihatin meetings have been postponed, along with the concert which was to be held on March 3, since most of the KP members are also involved in the general election. Personally though, I am of mind that the concert should and could have been used to deliver our message to the youngsters in KL, at the very least. But such a decision is not mine to make. Perhaps, they foresee the using of the concert as part of our campaign may backfire, with the lilliputian minds saying we are now just similar to them; for in the past, such is exactly how the lilliputians have been campaigning especially in the rural areas. Still, this leave me nowhere as I am still restless!

It is only unfortunate that we lack resources to cover the GE more widely. Otherwise, we could have - perhaps - shot this near violent action and open up more eyes and minds. Then again, perhaps it is better that we lack such resources for fear that we too may end up with the abuse and corruption similar to those by the lilliputians. But where does that leave me? Restless!

Heck! When Samuel Houston and his ragtag army of volunteers fought for his Lone Star Federation against the Mexican Army of the Spanish Government some 2 centuries back, he led his army with one retreat after another until his very army nearly rebelled against him! The men, had thought he was a coward and became very restless with each retreat. Off course, perhaps by chance, they did win the war when they literally caught Santa Anna's army with their pants down. Well, not literally with their pants down, but close enough. Hmm...wonder if that's how Roslan intend to use me - as a catapult or a high speed battering ram against the ramparts of the lilliputians castle! Whee! Look ma, I'm flying...splat! Ugh! That would be painful.

Till then or whatever, when ever, I'm still restless in Kota Damansara. Sigh.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Restless? Why not use the time to write a poem for a certain somebody. It is time well spent.
Tell you what, what about a real angry, no holds barred post.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Poem? Hmm...nah. Real angr, no holds barred post? Nah.

Think I'm very rusty up there for poems nowadays. And, think I've learned how to cope with anger. Not easy, but think I have. Worse to worse, I'll just go on amok! Hmm...not a bad idea though lol!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


more, as in colossally, needs to be done from the opposition camp to get their messages to all the voters across. ntv7 alone can easily out-do all the op's machine combined.

i know there's nothing new there either. just a reminder je. its david vs goliath but if terengganu did it in 1999, its not impossible.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

Ho! Me big chief Sitting On The Bull! You um Yellow Leg from F-Fort? Oh! You no see F-Fort...long ago Yellow Legs story, make my men laugh laugh only! :)

Yo bro, memang le the going is as you mentioned, colossal! But if you have faith, insyAllah. And if not this time, then the next and next and next; insyAllah we will continue to fight. After all, what's life, but a struggle in itself kan?

hero said...

bersih from cronyism
bersih from nepotism
bersih from hideous actions
bersih from selfish thoughts
most importantly
bersih from synn, sinne and sins

cakapaje said...

Salam Hero,

Well said, subhanAllah :)