Friday, February 01, 2008

Malaysia's Count Gormaz.

Reading Cikgu's entry yesterday and then Doc TA's today, I was compelled to find the line in a movie which perhaps best epitomise the personality they were referring to. I could not recall it offhand as I've watched the movie only once, and that too a very long time ago.

The movie, entitled 'El Cid', is about a Spanish noble who became famous not only for his glorious deeds in battle under Muslim as well as Christian kings, but supposedly also for being a man of honour. Should anyone be interested to know about El Cid, there's a short write-up about him here.

The line in the scene which was etched in my memory is, alhamdulillah, made availble in the video clip below. Do give it a watch as it is only the first few seconds which matter. And please, do turn on the volume higher.

Count Gormaz: What do you want?
El Cid: You shamed my father! I want his name back. (inaudible)...I want it cleanse! So we can once more wear it proudly!
Count Gormaz: I cannot apologise! Its not that I do not want to...I do not know how to.
El Cid: People will only esteem you more if you do. Everyone will understand.
Count Gormaz: I have told you no...

I am unable to ascertain the historical accuracy of the scene nor of Count Gormaz, but if it is true, then the line which I have made bold, perhaps hits the spot for the personality mentioned by Cikgu and Doc TA.

History, does seem to repeat itself. Sadly.


Kata Tak Nak said...

How do you apologize? How does it taste? Is is sweet or bitter? Why must I? I did nothing wrong, anyway I am the emperor and emperors don't apologize.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

But the emperor too, has no clothes :)

In the case of Paklah however, he now has too many!

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

A very appropriate clip you put up here.

How can I apologised to those I have used all through their lives?

Power,proud,arrogance knows no limitations and humility.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

Thank you, and I would like to think it as so.

Even Khalifah Umar r.a. could not and would not influence a judge in a trial over an armour stolen by a jew; and the judge ruled in favour of the jew! Then jew, astonished at the manner in which law and justice is administered in an Islamic rule, later reverted to Islam. Allah Akbar!

One of Khalifa Umar r.a. most favoured thing to do is to perform Sujud Syukur when ever the situation permits it. Perhaps in today's jargon it would be known as 'reality check': "To admit with all humility that we are all weak; it is from Him that we come, and to Him we shall return. And that there is no one or nothing greater than Allah s.w.t."