Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Went to meet some people earlier this morning at some not so obscure hotel somewhere in KL. Nothing much actually but since they were staying there, might as well I meet them at the lounge.

Now, normally at some far end of a corridor of the lounge, you would find a mini grand piano lazing by itself till about early evening, when a pianist contracted by the hotel would play some tune just to lay some kind of ambiance. Since I arrived there around mid morning, the only music that was heard was some Latin instrumentals playing over the hotel's PA system. Nothing much one would applaud about, and the music too, was barely audible. But what caught my attention was...

As I was walking towards the lounge through a long corridor, I noticed some workers were pushing the piano into a small hall. Since I was in a hurry, I just could did not have to time to be curious about it. But later on the way out - soon after my meet was done with - I had a peek into the hall and found it empty, except for some dining tables and chairs laid out almost haphazardly with the mini grand piano placed towards the end of the hall. Since there was no dais, I gather there will be some sort of very private function either tonight or tomorrow. But that did not bother me. What did was...the sudden urge to give the piano a thump! Er...do excuse me for using the word; it not that its offensive, but just not the correct word. Then again, considering that I have not really touched the piano for quite sometime, perhaps thump is the correct word.

Well, by now I guess almost everyone know that is not me playing up there in the video. Or, nowhere near I could ever. But I can always dream, can't I?


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i thought of playinng the guessing game of which hotel this was but totally irrelevant. so anyway, fantasy is free, go ahead, dream.

*shah, is this what people call lounge music?

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

You've got it both right :) - the hotel is irrelevant, and dreams, unlike tolled roads, are free :)

Yes and no. Yes, because the music may vary from places. And no, as normally the musicians use only light instruments - mainly acoustics.

Kata Tak Nak said...

...I have not really touched the piano for quite sometime

Do you play the piano? I know even if you do I would expect, "Oh just a little" typical Malay answer. I hope you would not give a typical Malay answer here. Let me rephrase the question, could you play a complete song song on the piano? If you can't now, have you ever played a complete song before? I would accept, "I use to be able to play a melody or two but I am quite rusty now".

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hehe...you are a professinal teacher, aren't you? I mean, the way you put the questions, no students can give you a ridiculous reply. :)

Yes, I USED to be able to play complete songs including Autumn Leaves as in the video. But most certainly, not as capable nor ever talented as Roger Williams. Never a grade pianist, learning only the beginners course at the age of 12 - which is a trifle too late for picking up piano - I USED to play by sight as well as ears, though the latter was never very good. Then again, neither was the former.
But yes, I DO love playing the piano. At one point of time, the instrumental 'Exodus' was my favourite simply because it was a brilliant piano piece. But when I later learned it was with regards to the jewish exodus from Egypt, I drop it altogether.

Anyway, the only reason for this entry is as its label - dapat lepas gian! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Librace! Pick up the piano again and stop all that fish-keeping business. Your fishes always die, anyway.

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

I always envy friends who can play musical instruments.

Eventhough I like music very much, I haven't had the opporturnity to learn musical instrument. The most was back in Std 3 when we had to learn the recorder(?flute) for several months.

While at SAHC very few had the kapok guitar. Wanted to join the school band but since I only went to SAHC during the 2nd term and only stayed in the hostel towards the end of the year, couldn't join the school band. By form 2 ,they don't take form 1 students as new members. So my chances of learning the trumpet and saxaphone was caputed( kalau tak I might be the new Sanborn or Miles Davies...LOL...I can dream too right?)

And I too envy my brothers. Exceot me and the forth, all te boys played guitars and they are good at it. 2 had their own bands but stopped perfoming after getting married. One became concert sessionist in Perak as a bassist.
One became good in playing the blues.
But their abang( sapa lagi...aku lah) is so kayu with instruments.

And I can only dream it was me when David Sanborn blew his alto-sax or Jaco Pastorious slams his fretless bass or when Chick Corea plays Spain.

Lets dream...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hahahaha...cikgu's q pulled no punches la shah. he almost got you grilled there...

making fun of your own race can be funny. some may take it as an insult but sometimes reality bites. well done cikgu. how are we not to like this fella, shah? hehehe..

Kata Tak Nak said...

Wow, you have played complete songs on the piano. That is something I dream of but admit I will not be able to. You see, I started toying with the piano in college at 19. That too because a pretty Chinese chick whom I saved from being ragged by the seniors, taught me some simple 3 finger chords.
After college, no more pianos until about 2 years ago when my son borrowed his uncle's keyboard. I tried but simply don't have the patience to go through the hassle.

Wow, if you had played complete songs before, you sure can now. If Kerp, or Doc or I were to ask you maybe you would say, its just too difficult to pick up from where you left but what if someone were to say, "Abang Shah, please play Autumn leaves, please, please, pleeeeease. Move over Liberace.

Zabs said...

Salam Shah,
Saya tak pernah belajar alat musik tu. Cuma semasa remaja (tahun 60an) berangan nak tubuh kugiran di kampong. Being a "left hander", cannot buy one at the shop (duit pun tak cukup), I resort into making one on my own. Bila gitar dah siap, bunyi pula tak sedap didengar, kugiran pula tak jadi kenyataan.

Mat Salo said...

Dreams are good bro and we can always pass it on to our kids. That's why macam Chegu anak depa lak yang jadi musician...

I admit my eldest boy disappointed me in one regard, after 2-3 years main piano (he's now in F3) depa give-up. I remember when I was a kid how jealous tengok orang lain ada piano kat umah and pi lesson grade 1, lah 2 lah ke apa. So my 2nd boy who's in Std. 1 seemed to show interest. Yang girl yang belum pandai cakap ni belum tau lagi. But I want her to take up the drums and one day play macam Sheila E. Or the bass macam Stanly Clarke. Cool.

For my part ni tengah dok berangan nak study balik main guitar tong betoi betoi and tau banyak chord.

Dah confiden nanti kita pii utagha and jam sama Chegu. Amacam?

Anonymous said...

alamak, my piano keys dah jadi sticky. kalau tekan, dia tak naik balik. hmm...

cakapaje said...

Salam MB,

Can...you buy me the piano lah! After all, an average good is only RM15,000 what, sure you can pay :)

Ha...you think I don't want to? Sometimes the craving comes like one is needing a 'fix'. Nothing can be done but crawl into a cold shower, sigh.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

That's right, let us dream...together. Like the other day - can't remember where it was - but on the air was Theme From Young and Restless then followed by Cavatina. Man, I could die of gian then - figuratively speaking ya :)

Your brother was a basist?! That's like wow...a very big WOW! I admire basist, especially the fretless Double Bass!

But Doc, in your hands, you hold instruments which are more important and meaningful..those scalpels, thongs and what not for treating people with wound! In fact, the hands of a medical doctors are instruments of wonder themselves, and I really do respect doctors. That, is something far more than any musician can ever do.

cakapaje said...

kerpie bro,

You said it man, you said it! Apart from being a professional teacher, he also makes a good lawyer and great script writer! Luckily he's on our side :)

cakapaje said...

But Cikgu, ssshhh...don't say wow so loud for me. Out there, there untold number of pianist who are much better than me with some being 4th, 5 and higher grades...if they were to read this entry, I malu o! Really!

As for your 2nd last sentence, believe me, THAT, is something I'm trying to do! lol! :)

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Pak Zabs,

Being a left-handed is a gift in itself. Studies has proven that left-handed people are more gifted and talented than those right-handed like yours truly here. The fact that you made your own guitar - irrespective how it sound - is a testimony of your creativity. I don't think I can tie the strings to a guitar without it going 'prreng!' and cutting my wrist at the same time.

cakapaje said...

Salam MS,

Set...! Nanti kita pi jam kat utagha no. Hang naik bas bawa gitar, cek letak roda kat piano cek and buat dia cam kereta lembu :) But honestly, I would love to.

Know what, that MB can make a good tutor. He used to do some plucking as well, apart from busking in the labyrinth of London Underground. And like you, he is also a mountain bike enthusiast...or was. Thing with him, you got call ahead and find out where he is...or was!

(MB, 1 - 0)

cakapaje said...

Salam Accia,

You ada Pinano! Boleh gi jam rumah you! But then, jauh kek Kajang dan den pun baru balik dari dokek sano tu ha...lotih!

Think your piano tengah damp kut.