Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lu Pikiaq La Sendiri

I was with an old friend the other day, and we were talking nonsense and just having a good time for old time sake. Our conversation led from one thing to another, touching on almost every issue and everyone we know from the past. The friend, Arif, now lives by himself as his beloved wife passed away several years back, and their 3 children are all grown-up, married, and having their own place. When I asked him whether he intends to remarry - he's about 51 now - he tells me a story when he did have thoughts of marrying another, way back when he was much younger and his wife was still alive then.

"I frequent a small surau somewhere in PJ", he says. "Some 20 years ago when I was crazy for this girl, my position in office became shaky and my friends began to shun me simply because they know my wife personally, and do not want to be dragged into a domestic affair".

"Things between the girl and I were getting real hot and we were seriously thinking of eloping. At the same time, a pious man was invited to the surau for a series of ceramah. The man was soft spoken with a radiant face, and a smile that would always put me at ease".

"About 2 weeks or so before the girl and I were to elope, the old man mentioned about polygamy and the responsibilities of a husband to his family. Though most of the matter touched I have already known, what he mentioned towards the end had me thinking and doing it exactly - I went home late at night when my family were already asleep. Then I crept into the children's bedroom and looked at their faces, and thinking how their lives would be messed up on the accounts of my 'lust'. Next, I went to my wife and did the same, thinking how her life would be crushed - she has been a loving and loyal wife; why, would I need to put her through a period of turmoil? With that, I scuttled my plans and have remain faithful ever since".

Hmm...I don't know whether I would be able to do that as I have never been in such situation. Sometimes, it would be easier to judge another person for the acts we deem as wrong without looking at the real reasons leading to such act. However, in this case, alhamdulillah, his act does seem to be the right one. Whoever the pious man was, may Allah s.w.t. bless him - where religious talks failed, he used humanity and and compassion. Without my friend realising it, humanity and compassion falls within Islam, and its way of life. Perhaps, it is these aspects of Islam which we should bring forward more into this life we are living in.

Reading harakahdaily today regarding a case involving Perkeso, I just could help but feel disgust in which a man's claim was dismissed easily even though he does seem to have a valid reason. The man, Roslan Mohd Ali, was working as a lorry driver, and has had the lower part of his left leg amputated due to diabetic problem. But Perkeso seems to insist that he is not eligible for the claim as they find him still an able person. True, that he MAY well be...but later!. Does Perkeso understand the problems he face between now, and later when he is able to?

For one, the man has run out of his leaves and is now on unpaid leave. The fact that his employer should look more compassionately into the matter, is another case which should be looked into by the authorities concerned. Tell me, in between now and later on when he has adjusted to his condition, how would he be able to feed his family?

The man, Roslan, is now 45 years old, and was working as a lorry driver. Now, I do not want to sound like I am belittling his educaton background or his job, but seriously, can one really expect Roslan to be able to find a suitable job in his current condition? Have Perkeso, his employers, and all concerned, taken into consideration other factors such as the number of jobless grads in this country looking for a job, the ever increasing prices of basic goods, and most importantly, Roslan's health? Somehow, I do not think so. Where, I ask, is the compassion of a nation that declares itself Islam Hadhari? (Hadhari, is supposed to imply civilisation, by the way).

A couple of weeks back when I visited a friend at a government's hospital, I was quite aghast that they now charge a parking fee. Quite rightly then, another friend pointed out the 3 categories of people who frequent government hospitals:
1. The poor or not-well-off who happen to be sick.
2. The family or friends of the above who sends him for treatment, or come a visiting.
3. The poor or not-well-off who needs outpatient treatment.

Why then, does the government, namely Ministry of Health, need to burden the poor who are already physically sick, with parking charges? Forget the excuse of using public transportation if you - the government - have not been using it yourself. I, for one, can point out a hundred and one reasons why the poor and the sick should NOT use it at all, but I'll just give 2 for now:
1. Most government medical appointments are in the morning and patients have to come in very early.
2. Have any top officials ever tried using public transport during early morning rush hour? Try it when you are sick or have only one leg to stand on then.

Back to Encik Roslan's case, it would be nice of Malaysians to help him (and others in similar situation) with his plight. But it would be better if the authorities take another look into their set of archaic rulings and whatnot, and add humanitarian values into it. For what good is a set of rules and laws when the human aspects are absent from it?

ps. Have called harakahdaily and requested them to highlight the Tabung Bantuan Harakah account number, especially for Encik Roslan's case.

While I was driving around PJ today, the traffic policemen seem to be serious about handling traffic violations, especially those beating the red light; that's awfully good of them. But (hopefully a cop or 2 is reading this), its been the talk of town why the middle of the month has become a favourite time for the traffic cops to do so; why, can't it be every week?

Another thing which is also the talk of the town: what, is the actual duty of a cop (in this case, the traffic officers)? Are they to nab and fine traffic offenders, or are they there to ensure that the law is not broken? If its the first, fine, then I'll just shut up. But if its the latter...? As another blogger recently like to use "Lu pikiaq la sendiri!".


Zabs said...

Salam Shah,
Anda membincangkan banyak perkara kali dan ia sungguh perlu diambil perhatian.
Biasanya seseorang lelaki telah berada pada umor 30an/40an, mereka telah berada pada tahap selesa dari segi kewangan dan pekerjaan. Jadi itu yang sebabnya timbul keinginan kedua itu.
Tetapi tidak terfikirkah kita bahawa sebelum ini kita bersama isteri bekerja keras bersama untuk berada ditahap itu, maka kenapa setelah merasa sedikit kesenangan hendak dikongi dengan orang baru, walhal isteri yang telah bersama susah sebelumnya hendak dinafikan kesenangan itu.
Tentang yang lain tu, anda telah berikan saranan yang baik untuk dipikiaqkan oleh mereka2 yang berkaitan itu...

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Pak Zabs,

Benar Pak Zabs. Ada masanya kita lelaki ini lupa tentang pengorbanan kaum hawa yang bergelar isteri. Namun, tidak dinafikan ada kes kes di mana ianya tidak dapat dielakkan. Tapi entahlah, saya cuma menyuarakan dari pandangan seorang lain ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

shah my man,

the first story caught my attention the most. it happened to to someone very dearly to me recently. in fact, i believe its still on-going. whats puzzling is, this fella has almost everything. a good job, a lovely wife, 3 beautiful kids, a cozy little crib with 3 cars. yes, 3 freakin cars.

and yet it still crosses his mind to dump all he has just for another girl. i myself have never been in his spot but i still believe he's mad. as in, crazy-shit kind of mad, mad.

Kata Tak Nak said...

In Kedah speak they say he has 'kote kawaq'. You know what kote is and kawaq means thief.

We are lucky its not Samy Velu who is the minister of health, otherwise there would be toll booths at every possible entrance.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Bro, there's another aspect to this set of problem and its called nafs. I'm not a scholar nor a teacher, but nafs, has a life of its own and can be equated to the devil himself. The only way we can contain nafs is through zikrullah. But even that is not a guarantee as on the final analysis, it come solely upon us to decide - either become a bestial beast who's position is lower than an animal, or rise within ranks of those who submit to Allah s.w.t. Wallahu'alam.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

OK, now I know what kawaq is. Hmm...if this was meant to refer to the friend's story, how very apt the term ;)

With the turn of events and ever greedy-minded people in wanting to make profits above everything else, surely we do not need Semi Value...his wannabes are abound already! What a poor state-of-affair Malaysia truly is in.

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

Ist case: Mr Zabs speaks on my behalf.

2nd case: If losing a leg doesn't make one eligible for Perkeso, I don't know what does. Maybe losing a head? They (Perkeso) must have lose their heads and hearts. Its not even their money!

3rd case: Hmmm...pikiaq le kite..

J.T. said...

"Lu pikiaq la sendiri!"
Pardon my ignorance of local speak (which I am so out of touch with), what does that mean? :)

Ah yes ... I remember the police had this habit of getting active with traffic watching in the middle of the month. :) If they don't want people to think they are just out to 'make money' during mid-month, they should do it every week, as you have suggested. :D

Over here, we have the darn police hidden somewhere shooting their radar guns almost everyday. So much so, almost everyone keeps to speed limit just to be on the safe side. Of course, we get some crazy trucker who thinks he can escape it but out of the blues we see the cop chasing him down the road. :D Quite a show for us who live out in the country. haha

Perkeso seriously need to get their priorities in order. A man who is clearly disabled is not getting help... what is the country coming to?

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam ydiana,

Yes, what Pak Zabs mentioned is the sad truth about many men today. And yes again, losing a head - literally - does seem what Perkeso insist on. Sigh.

Jom, kita pikiaq sama sama ;)

cakapaje said...

Hi JT,

Well, the English equivalent is 'Go figure it out yourself!". Now, that in no way mean I'm asking you to ya.

Regarding the traffic police, their very action incites jabs and ridicule from the public and yet, they want us to take them seriously. Well, we are serious in out thoughts ;)

Oh! I remember well a I was flagged down on 2 different occasions - once in Mississippi and the other in Chico. Somehow, when I smiled and gave them a stupid look, they must have thought I was a latino and got away free. Still, it has to be said, the officers there, were courteous and professional in conduct.

And yes, the Perkeso thing is a sad affair.

Anonymous said...

salam shah. saya dulu berfikir dua tiga kali. mungkin empat kali untuk tidak mengambil tindakan yang bakal dipandang serong ini. tapi. entahlah. mungkin bila dah terjadi pada diri sendiri, lain pula pengertiannya.

er. polis?? to err.. hehe. prinsip saya ialah 'rules are made to be broken'! haha seriously, tak adalah. saya warganegara yang sangat taat!

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Alina,

Hmm...sensitip kalau saya nak komen pada komen Alina tu. Takut esok hari akhbar perdana kuar berita 'Perkseo luluskan tuntutan! Cakapaje dijumpa tanpa kepala!"...mati den ;)

Ish, saya pun warganegara yang taat setia. Tapi bila ada undang yang tak masuk akai tu, saya buat dunno je le :)

Me... Only Better said...

Salam Shah...

Your friend did the right thing. Polygamy based on lust and lack of foresight destroys lives and I know what I am talking about.

There never is justification for breaking your wife and kids hearts. Islam teaches us to look at the good and not focus on the bad points in our spouses.

That guy and perkeso..maybe we can offer to amputate his other leg fully and the Perkeso will help?

Berapa sen pun nak berkira si jadah2 ni...perabih duit tak bertempat tak berkira pulak...

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Tehsin,

Yes, my friend did the right thing, alhamdulllah.

As for perkeso, nah, I think we need to chop off their heads and only then will things go right.