Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back To Life...

Some many years ago, several friends and cakapaje took a trip to...hmm, can't remember whether it was Tioman or Sibu Island. OK, we did went to both on different occasions but the one I meant to partly write about was...one of them. Hey! Its been so long you can't really expect me to remember every single detail! I mean, if it was a crime, I am quite sure it would have passed the 'statue of limitations'; if it was a crime-lah!

Anyway, after 4 days of lazing in the sun, snorkeling, night-fishing and mouth-gaping in awe at the wonders Allah s.w.t. have created, we took a fishing boat for the 2hours ride back to Mersing, and the mainland. The clouds looked dark and heavy, and even the single boatman who was to captain the small boat had a worried look on his face. But us landlubbers, what do we know?

As soon as the boat got into way, we waved silently to the island and Nasbah - one of the friends who came along - began singing a tune which had all of us following. Almost halfway through however, the sea began rolling high and violent, and the clouds looked like it was about to burst. Then the unthinkable happened - the boat's engine went dead! The party of friends began looking at each other not knowing what to say or do; we had within our midst, ARAB and his wife who was 4 months pregnant! Then almost simultaneously, everyone's attention focused on the boatman who was taking off his life vest and tying a rope around his waist. "Oh, oh!" our minds must have went.

Now, a dead calm situation this certainly was not. With the engine dead, the boat was without propulsion to ride the waves - it was, a dead scary situation to be in. By that time, the boatman had jumped into the water and disappeared under the boat leaving us death-pale. Several times during the boatman's absence, the boat was raised high by the waves. Then like a ride on a roller coaster, the wave took us way down and all around us, the sea suddenly became several stories high! A friend began throwing up, his face green and scared. Everyone must have silently began praying then. At the same time, my mind raced back to all the true life stories I have read of people being adrift at sea. Foremost on my mind was what to do and what not to do should the waves turn the boat over; visions of shark attacks began playing and replaying. And I was, scared shit!

Alhamdulillah, the boatman then surfaced and began clambering on the boat. With a smile on his face he said "Nothing to worry about, it was just some seaweed caught in the propeller." Nothing to worry about? For each of us landlubbers there, that 5 or so minutes was like eternity already! But Alhamdulillah again, the engine was restarted and we were back on our way.

Once we reached land - I cannot remember who - but one of us did prostrate and kissed the earth. And we did thanked the boatman who only smiled back as though it was a normal thing for him. Perhaps it was. But for cakapaje and his friends, that, was a boat ride we will never forget, insyAllah.

Back to the present day and with the PRU12 over, those elected into office must now adjust their life and work harder to uphold their promises. While for the rest of us, its back to our normal life.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Hey, that's one good story you know. To me the best holiday would be to laze about in the sun on an island and no shopping whatsoever. However I am not that adventurous as to want to camp under the stars. No. I would prefer a chalet or better still 4 star resort hotel with air-conditioning and all. $ star cukup la, 5 star very expensive. 4 star pun dah terok dah. Maklumlah I am a chegu only.

hero said...

wot a terrifying experience
but alhamdulillah you guys were OK :)
ive never been to any islands lah kcuali langkawi :(

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

It does seem we share the same idea about the ideal holiday - a break from the modern trappings, and especially malls! And no, we did not camp under the stars either; it was a small chalet cum hostel - one room fits 12! But it was good enough for us :)

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam hero,

Yes, alhamdulillah, we reached land safely. Otherwise, there would be no one to write for cakapaje :)

When you get back here, I do recommend a trip to any of the smaller islands with the exception of Tioman - its too commercialised already I think.

Zabs said...

Salam Shah,
Alhamdulillah,semuanya selamat.
Sekarang ni, kalau anda turun di Mersing, maknanya anda talah ke Pu. Tioman. Untuk ke Pu. Sibu, anda perlu naik feri dari Tg Leman, lebih kurang 40km ke selatan Mersing.
Mungkin pada masa dahulu semua nya kena naik bot dari Mersing untuk pergi ke kedua2 pulau tersebut.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Pak Zabs,

Berkemungkinan juga seperti kata Pak Zabs. Cuma saya benar tak ingat yang mana kerana peritiwa itu sudah lama. Yang ingat cuma perjalanan bot yang menyeramkan itu sahaja.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

and it is my dream to go island-hopping. but too bad la, the last time i took a ride on a boat, i had like 4 burly-built guys to get me onto it.

eh boss, apa cerita? lama tak nampak kat sana? ;)

acciaccatura said...

salam shah,
hmm...teringat pulak suami kata, "kaki you macam kayu! macamana nak berenang?" heee...

being an island girl and married to orang Tengganu yang duduk di Chendering, memang agony bab tak pandai brenang ni. last sekali kutip shell je lah!

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

InsyAllah, you will be able to again. God is Great, remember that! :)

As for the 'lama tak nampak kat sana', entahlah! Been busy the past few weeks, and was still reeling for the mental fatigue over the PRU12; may be next week kut, insyAllah.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Accia,

Hehe...sonang je nak boronang tu - pakai vest, baringkan badan, timbul lah kat atas air. Then, slowly belajar paddle :) Hmm...tapi den ni ha pun dah lamo bonar tak boronang tu! Takut tonggolam cam batu atau bosi borat nanti :)

arigato to baez kun said...

ok then
pulau sipadan and pulau kapas would me one of my choices :))

Minci said...

the last time I went to an island was more than 5 years ago.. and I had my embarassing moments.. muahahaha~~

cakapaje said...

arigato to baez kun,

Mak ai! Lama lama pengsan den nak tuleh nama panjang panjang :)

Uish! Besarnya hajat, sampai terus nak ke Sipadan! Er...pandai berenang tak? Den ingat nak rekomen Pulau Ketam kek Kelang ni je dulu :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Minci,

Aha! This is interesting...please, kindly do share the embarrassing moment so we may all be embarrassed together (ni ado jap lagi kaki den kono pijak sampai lumat ni ha).

muteaudio said...

Salam bro,
My last trip to an island was errr....for PRU12.

Anyway, I've been to islands ard P.Sibu for 'Adventure Robinson' shoot.

The boatman can leave u at any of the islets for a few hours, for u to run ard naked. If u wanna return, just sms them!

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Muteaudio,

Aha! Kindly do blog about your shoots in the pulaus for PRU12, that would certainly be interesting! :)

As for Pulau Sibu, yes, we experienced that too but dared not take the offer for fear of being the pioneer of 'Survivor'! lol!

But honestly, though Tioman's water is clearer and thus have more beautiful coral, P Sibu does have its own unique attraction. But now - last I heard of it - both places are rather spoilt are expensive as more Singaporeans make them their holiday destinations.