Saturday, March 08, 2008

Lunch Break

I am on a lunch break after video-shooting some 7 locations around KL and Paya Jaras since 830am. Began the day with taking video-shots of Doctor Lo'Lo' casting her vote. The voter turn-out was nothing extraordinary this morning, but it is expected to be phenomenal later late this afternoon, perhaps a repeat of the 2004 PRU11 where SPR illegally extended the voting hours in Selangor to 7pm.

Whilst driving to Jalan Semarak, news on the radio predicted showers in the afternoon and suggested voters to cast their vote in the morning. The same warning was issued in 2004, as well as the by-election in Ijok. On both occasions, cases of phantom voters were reported. It should not be surprising then for the situation to repeat itself again this time. Hopefully though, we will be more prepared, insyAllah.

Will update later. Pray for Malaysia.


Zawi said...

Another roving reporter in the making. Keep it up.

tengku hata said...

urm i donno where to get updated results lah

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Just doing what I can Pak; however please remember I am an amateur at this. Ni, cam kes volunteer gi perang tapi tak cukup peralatan dan training le :)...gaji pun tarak!

cakapaje said...

Salam YM Tengku Hata,

Lor...awat tak jenguk dan malaysiakini? Gi kat readsonly tu, pelbagai sumber boleh dinikmati - its constantly updated ye :)

YM Tengku hata said...

aah da gi malaysiakini bes nye tgk, it's the political tsunami

cakapaje said...

YM (maksud saya Yahoo Messenger ye :) )

Macam tengok World Cup live ek?

YM tengku hata said...

lol bukan yahoo msgr
tu lah duduk dpn skrin sampai umum seme keputusan :)

cakapaje said...


Den bila dah tahu Be End tak dapek 2/3, cukuplah...terus den tidur berdengkor dibuaikan mimpi nan indah sambil tersenyum sorang diri :)