Friday, March 07, 2008

Petition Against SPR

Dear Malaysians,

A move has been made by a group of citizens to ensure a free and fair election for the people of Malaysia.

If you believe in the saying "Justice Must Not Only Be Served, But Must Seen To Be Served", then I would like to invite you to join an On-line Petition against the SPR (Election Commission of Malaysia). The link and emails I received are as below:



Harap dapat promosikan petistyen online untuk menunjukkan bantahan
kepada SPR....

http://www.petition RCER2008

Bermula dari petang semalam , kini telah menghampiri 1000
tandatangan. ..mari kita jadikannya SEJUTA!"


tokasid said...

salam Shah:


cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

Syukran :)