Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Missing in Action

After 6 years of sending news almost every working day, the results of the PRU12 have made several people including yours truly somewhat lost! No, I am not referring to those lilliputians and the allies, but those like me, who spent hours each day working on the PC to get news out to Malaysians. The casualties on our front have been several precious few, including Pak Ngah, who passed away quite recently. There may have been many more, but since we work almost entirely alone, we never did get to know each other personally. But we were - similar to what Doc mentioned what he had done - the pioneers on this battle front. And though the war is far from over, those of us still remaining have sort of become disoriented.

I saw this WWII film 'The Battle of The Bulge' which Robert Shaw starred as a Nazi General. The film, was an enactment of a true battle which Nazi Germany had initiated to delay the Allies on their western front. The Germans took the Allies by surprise and gained huge grounds, and they were confident that the battle would be turn the tide for them. Their confidence - along with their remaining army - soon took a battering when the Allies regrouped themselves and launched counter attacks. Soon, the toll began to tell as the Germans - facing a severe shortage of men, equipment and supplies - had to retreat to the other side of the German border.

In the movie, the commanding officer of an SS Panzer Division, had an ambition of not winning the war then, but to prolong it. As - what he said in the movie - he was a professional soldier, and professional soldiers live for wars, and not peace. I can't say whether this part of the movie is history, but towards the end of it he died. Ironically, the battle did not save Germany, but brought a bigger catastrophe as more than half of the once great nation were conquered by the mighty Soviet Army, and along with it, the entire eastern Europe.

What I mean to say here is, the 6years I have been active on-line is a bloody long time. And as mentioned earlier, though the war is far from over, the results of PRU12 has left many on-line activists disoriented but perhaps, for the moment. When I mean by on-line activists here, are not the political bloggers and writers, but those who send news and information, many a times even plucking from those same said political bloggers. And many of these on-line activists are now plain tired.

Just prior to PRU12, some friends who attended the PACA training in Gombak, were told that the next SPR Chief is a bigger devil than the reigning one. Perhaps, the reason why the current chief's contract was extended was to pull wool over the public eyes. As Rashid is expected to retire soon, the new chief will supposedly come with a new clean slate. But as a devil that had been said about him, he will work doubly hard to be meaner and dirtier, just to give the lilliputians a victory.

Likewise with the lilliputians: the man from Pekan can be the worse tyrant Malaysia will ever know. With their General Assembly and office elections bound for this year, their ranks may be further weakened with dissensions amongst their very own. And should the man from Pekan takes the leadership, there will be no doubt he will wield his iron fist, putting many under the ISA at the same time. This man who has never tasted life as an ordinary citizen - knowing the economic hardships and of escalating inflation - will be portrayed as a man of the people and for the people. How could this be?

Earlier today when the Press questioned his links to the Altantuya murder trial, the PM dared to mention "there is no proof". Well, damn you PM! Damn you Najib! And damn you who support them either blindly or not! Have you then forgotten those many who still languish in Kamunting under ISA charges and all because the government could not gather sufficient proof? Incarcerate Najib under the ISA then!

No! No matter how tired one may be, the struggle still has to continue.

I have forgotten the names of 3 Sahabat of Rasulullah s.a.w. who were martyred in a battle, and even the actual details. But I will try to write the accounts as I remember. The first, a Standard Bearer, was killed by an arrow. As his body falls limp to the ground, another came to hold the flag of Islam waving, but he too was killed. Then another came and held the flagpole, but an enemy severed his right hand. He then held the flagpole with left, and that too was severed. Using the bloody stumps of both hands, he held his position. But the enemy was all around him and they severed both his legs and he fell - martyred in battle in a seemingly simple but courageous act of keeping the flag of Islam high.

Though we may never be able to equal the 3, insyAllah, we will try our best to continue this struggle. If we fall, there will always be another to replace us. We understand fully well that we are dispensable; but to those lilliputians and their allies, do you?

ps. On PRU13, my personal belief is that it will be held sometime within 24-36 months from now. I have only 2 theories for this belief for now:

1. The lilliputians will try their damnest to delay any BA projects within the 5 states from coming into fruition. This, will be their battle cry then that the BA has failed to deliver!

2. They intend to catch the BA flatfooted.

But as I mentioned, it is only my personal belief.

ps ps. I almost forgot to mention: the only reason for this entry is because several have asked about my 'disappearance' and have listed me as a Missing in Action case. :)


Kata Tak Nak said...

Well tired as we may be, since we have only inflicted serious wounds on the enemy and not killed it, we must continue to fight, and fight I will.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Whoa! You are one hell of a coach, aren't you...no rest for the wicked! :)

How about the quote "Never corner a wounded animal"? Or Sun Tzu's "When fighting a wounded animal, leave one exit open"? No? Oh well...gentleman, you heard the coach! :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

sometimes i wonder how those guys beind-the-scene retrieve their stories from. the sources they get were mostly spot-on. Sheih for instance, he was the first i came across to predict the date of parliament's dissolusion. then during the campaigning period, he said PAS will get a land-slide victory. i tell you shah, how not to believe what bloggers have to say?

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

Now now, if they were to tell you how they get their information...habislah bro, depa takleh cari makan! Just like those magicians, they don't tell you how they pull a rabbit out of their pajamas, do they? Oops, I mean hats.

Nah, I'm just kidding there. They have their ways, bro. And it involves lots of people meeting, diplomacy, and intelligence to decipher messages given. Raw intelligence, is never definite.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

pyjamas off to these guys...oops, i mean hats off.


Anonymous said...

salam shah,
inshaAllah , semoga segera bersemangat kembali sebab kita baru nak mula.

yang kat ICU tu dah teruk sebenarnya, nak jalan lagi dengan oxygen tank.

cakapaje said...

Salam Accia,

Lol! Dah ICU pun nak jalan jalan gak? Tak sedar diri namanya tu :)

InsyAllah, tapi kekadang memang letih semenjak kebalakangan ni. Terima kasih kerana memberi kata semangat.

cakapaje said...


Hang nak pyjamas ngan depa, be m guest :) Tapi kang jangan lak lari cari cek no.

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

Yes,very tired indeed and disorientated. Felt like motor kapchai minyak reserve.

But as long as the old book with a new cover is presented and sold to the rakyat, the fight goes on. You can only take a breather for the game is far from over.
It is sunnatullah that the fight for haq will be filled with trials and tribulations .Its not gonna be easy.Never.

Fight on we must, but lets take a breather.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

True, after all no man is a machine. But alhamdulillah, this morning, I received some heartwarming replies by strangers from various groups, asking for more news! Can you believe that? I mean, I laughed out loud and was crying at the same time thinking perhaps my efforts have been in vain.
SubhanAllah, it has been shown otherwise.