Sunday, March 30, 2008

Battling the Bulge

Some 5 years ago when a friend called from the US asking for my waist size. I asked him why. and he said he wanted to get me a pair of Dockers. So I said "OK, that's nice of you; its 32."
"Huh! What...32?" he shot back in disbelieve. "Come on! Seriously, I'm at the store now!"
So I repeated it again, and he still did not believe me. A week later when he dropped over my place, he gave me the pair of Dockers...with a waist size of 36!

I'm on a diet now and have been so for the past 2 months. Oh, its not one of those regulated forced diets, just that I have been skipping dinner - rice, mainly - in hope to overcome some unwanted 'muscles' here and there. The worse part is the middle area where at times it protrudes like an overhang boulder and can be quite unsightly. No matter what I did in the past, I was never successful to tone it down to a more respectable...shall we say, view? But don't look at me with one eye closed - my physique has been this way since I was a kid.

Back during toddler days, I was the only one in the family who could never eat anything with chili, not even chili sauce! And a mere cutting of chili that would be adventurously stuffed in my mouth by my parents would send me searching for water. In fact, I use to even eat nasi lemak with tomato sauce! Over time and without my realising it, my battle against the bulge began, and have been going on for the life I have lived since. Though this battle has been seesawing between a bulge and not, I think I finally am making gains. Now, one may think that I'm just making some boastful statements here but I assure you I am not.

For the past 20 years, my eating habits have changed and I now even eat cili padi without having to resort to water to cool my tongue - a total opposite from much before; drinking while having food is not a good thing for the body, and I believe there is even a hadith about it, but one which I am unable to recall now. Looking back, I now wish that my parents had instilled such discipline within me. But, they are not to be blamed as outside influence did play a role too!

I remember watching movies or TV series where those actor policemen while on stakeout, would be eating burgers, fries, and at the same time drinking. The whole scene may have been only few seconds long but it imprinted an image in the mind of a kid who was left thinking "ooh! That looks delicious!", and later tried to emulate the very manner how the food was gulped down. In fact, writing this down I can just imagine holding a burger in one hand and a milkshake in the other! Hmm...not good for my diet. And most certainly not good in my preparation for a Physical Examination I - insyAllah - will be having maybe sometime in October or November this year.

Now, in preparation for this P.E., I have started doing my exercises. Nothing much currently, just some push-ups and sit-ups; would love to do chins but that would have my emak looking at me in total disbelief! We wouldn't want that now, do we?

To prove that I have made some gains on the main battleground, we now have to reflect back at the pair of Dockers mentioned above - even with a belt on, the pants slowly drops! That is encouraging already, wouldn't one agree? Thus by the time I go for the P.E., I guess I will be fit...and hopefully muscular. Now, this brings us back to my exercises.

As of early this morning, I had made quite a large progress since I started a month ago - I am now able to do 6 push-ups and sit-ups compared to 5 last week.

A Historic Day for Selangor!

InsyAllah, come tomorrow evening, an event one would expect to witness in Kelantan and perhaps Terengganu, will grace Shah Alam, the capital of Selangor. Tomorrow night beginning from Maghrib, PAS will be holding prayers within the Melawati Stadium and have invited the public to join the congregation!

Non-Muslims are welcome to join for the celebration speeches which is expected to take place around 9pm, after the prayers.

Read the itinerary below:

Sempena Kemenangan PAS Di Selangor
------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -----#
Assalamu'alaikum & Salam Sejahtera,
Seluruh RAKYAT dijemput untuk menghadiri Himpunan Rakyat Dan Munajat Perdana mensyukuri kemenangan PAS & Barisan Alternatif di Selangor.

Program julung kali ini disusun untuk memberi peluang rakyat Selangor khususnya untuk mengamati amanat serta harapan dari pemimpin negara demi mengisi dan mengekalkan kemenangan PAS dan Barisan Alternatif di Selangor, khasnya;

Majlis akan diadakan seperti berikut;
Tarikh : Isnin, 31-Mac-2008
Masa : 8.00malam
Tempat : Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam, Selangor (bersebelahan Stadium Utama Shah Alam)
(tempat letak kereta perkarangan Stadium Utama atau tapak Pasar Hari hadapan Stadium Melawati)

Antara pemimpin negara yang akan bersama adalah;
- YB Dato Seri Tuan Guru Hj Abdul Hadi Awang,
Presiden PAS, Ahli Parlimen Marang
- YB Ustaz Nasharuddin Mat Isa,
Timbalan Presiden PAS, Ahli Parlimen Bachok
- YB Dato Dr Hasan Ali,
Pesuruhjaya PAS Negeri Selangor, Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor
- Seluruh barisan Exco & Wakil Rakyat PAS Negeri Selangor yang memenangi PRU-12 baru-baru ini.

Tetamu khas pada majlis ini adalah;
- YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim,
Menteri Besar Selangor Darul Ehsan.

# Hadirin yang hadir diminta datang dalam keadaan berwudhuk serta membawa sejadah (lapik untuk solah). Solah Isyak akan disusuli dengan munajat perdana.
# Gerai jualan makanan & minuman disediakan di tapak gerai Stadium Melawati, untuk tempahan gerai sila berhubung terus dengan Saudara Kamarul 013-3600080.
assayuti@gmail. com / 019-2140240

Fri | Mar 28, 08 | 11:26:17 am MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 Mac (Hrkh) -Orang ramai dan penyokong Barisan Alternatif diminta hadir beramai-ramai ke Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam, Selangor untuk program 'Himpunan Rakyat' pada 31 Mac (Isnin) ini bermula jam 8 malam.

Dalam program tersebut, Presiden PAS akan menyampaikan amanatnya kepada seluruh rakyat. Selain beliau, Menteri Besar Selangor yang baru, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim; Timbalan Presiden PAS, Nasharuddin Mat Isa dan dua Exco Kerajaan Negeri, Dato' Dr. Hasan Ali dan Teressa Kok dari DAP akan turut sama berceramah.

Program julung kali dianjurkan PAS negeri itu, akan dimulakan dengan solat Isyak dan solat Hajat dan kemudiannya diikuti bacaan Al-Quran dan dendangan nasyid.

Seluruh warga Selangor dan rakyat Lembah Klang dipelawa hadir ke program perdana peringkat negeri Selangor ini. Bagi maklumat lebih lanjut, sila dapatkan Harakah keluaran terbaru yang mula dipasarkan hari ini. - mks.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Big Day!

Earlier today just before noon, I glanced through my notes for the final time. I was inspired to do my earnest by a dear friend who emailed me
  • An economics professor at school had a strict policy that the hourly examinations were to be completed at the bell and anyone who kept writing on their exam after the bell would take a zero on the exam.

    Well, one guy kept writing on his exam for a while after the bell and then confidently strode up to turn it in. The professor looked at him and said, "Don't bother to hand that paper in... you get a zero for continuing after the bell."

    The guy looked at him and said, "Professor, do you know who I am!"

    The professor replied, "No, and I don't care if your dad is president of the United get a zero on this exam"

    The guy, with a enraged look on his face, shouted, "You mean you have no idea who I am?"

    The professor responded, "No, I've no idea who you think you are.“

  • With that, the guy said "Good!" plunged his exam into the middle of the stack of other student's exams, and did a hasty retreat from the examination room!

Good Luck! "

That, I thought, would be my precise course of action! And I confidently got into the car and drove off to the center which is situated just behind Ampang Park. Hmm...this would be a good time for me to and have a look-see at what's going on in there as the last time I set foot in Ampang Park was like...a decade ago! But a glance at the time and I decided no, perhaps next time. I do, after all, would like to have a good table, one which I would not have to squeeze in - perhaps, somewhere near to the front and on the side. Hmm...unlike school days where almost everyone wanted the rear table and near to the door! Oops!

Anyway, at the center, I signed myself in and found our sittings have been prearranged - I had to squeeze in to the middle section! Still, in a way I could consider myself lucky as I was like totally surrounded by ladies! And one of the ladies, a sprightly young Chinese, kept turning around engaging me in small talks. "Aha!" my mind went, "this must be a good sign!" Er...mind you, I mean for the examinations and nothing else. And that lady, she must be feeling jittery and trying ways to calm herself. Poor lass, I would comfort her were my heart unoccupied already.

Soon, the invigilator walked in and handed us a piece of blank paper. And I was smiling to myself thinking "Aha! This would be the guy I will be having a showdown with (as the email above)!" But soon my smile faded away when we were informed that all Q&A will be done using the PC they had provided for each of us! That, left me thinking "Hello!!! Just how on earth am I going to follow my dear friend's advice above?" This is not good...not good at all! And all throughout the allocated time of 2hours I was mumbling to myself at the turn of events. But Alhamdulillah, Allah is Most Kind, the set of questions randomly picked by the PC for me contained only 6 mind boggling calculation questions and I am now a qualified agent.

Now, comes the difficult part...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Blank!

I'm on a break. Was sitting looking at the notes of Unit Trust, before completing a set of past year questions. Hmm...for someone who has not been reading any serious stuff especially on the Unit Trust itself, alhamdulillah, I managed to just scrape through; that's not so good, I think. But hey, don't blame me! Afterall, the question I got wrong were matters I had not yet covered! They should have given me questions to matters which I have read. So, I guess they were pretty unfair there, weren't they? You don't think so? Oh, OK! Let's move on...

Earlier in the evening I thought I had some good stuff to write about. But no sooner had I faced the screen, whoosh!, everything disappeared from my mind and I am left with an itchy finger and half a mind wandering about aimlessly somewhere near the Atlantic! Then one of the subject matter came to light, but I just can't find the reference to it. Nothing much actually, just a song which was made into a jingle by an organisation I used to work for. Thing is, it cost the organisation something like RM15,000 when the rate for an original composition was RM5,000! But try as I did, I just cannot remember the title nor the singer. If anyone (kerp, Doc, Cikgu, MS or anybody) is kind enough to reflect on part of the chorus below and inform me of the title and the singer, I would be most happy; its by a lady rocker, by the way. Thank you in advance.

"That will be the day you say goodbye...
That will be the day when I die"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's not the Lyrics...

Honestly, it's not the lyrics that got me's how he sing it - the chorus especially!

Took it from Maverickysm, thanks bro!

Magical Break!'s a magic trick everyone should try. I really don't know how they did it but, its like magic! Just follow the instructions.


http://www.tatuagem br/
Wait for the lady to appear , then.......
2. tulis nama kawan anda kat 1st line
3. tulis nama anda kat 2nd line.!!! No need to write your e.mail
4. Press the VISUALIZAR bar.
Unbelievable. Can you explain how this is done?
memang canggih...!! !!

Monday, March 24, 2008

An Act of Treason

Many people have said many things about the controversial issue of the post for Chief Minister in Terengganu. In the due course of several days more to come, many more will voicing out their opinion. Some will have legal basis while some will be mere voice of anger; the majority of the voices heard have been in favour of the Sultan of Terengganu and his brave decision to appoint someone else which was against the want of ameno. And amidst all these voices, one particular lady proposed that ameno and their goons in Terengganu have committed an act of treason which is punishable by death! Read her short note below. I, for one, am all for it!

And this lady - who have been around for as long as I have been sending news - was a staunch amenoist!

Krisis MB Terengganu - Hukuman mati merana melancarkan peperangan terhadap Sultan/Raja Yang DiPertuan Agong.

"Salmah Ahmad"

Masihkan anda ingat hukuman mati ke atas Al Maunah
kerana menentang Yang Di Pertuan Agong ? Sultan
Mizan Terengganu adalah Yang Di Pertuan Agong Malaysia

Hukuman bagi sesiapa yang menentang
Sultan/Raja/ YDP-Agong adalah gantung sampai mati
seperti Al Maunah. Idris Jusoh dan 22 ADUN yang
menentang perlantikan MB Terengganu wajar di gantung
sampai mati sebagaimana Al Maunah.

Tindakan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Terengganu dari
Barisan Nasional memulaukan Majlis Angkat Sumpah
Menteri Besar merupakan satu tindakan yang sangat

Kesemua ADUN Terengganu perlu diingatkan bahawa kuasa
melantik Menteri Besar adalah di tangan Sultan (Di
Terengganu sekarang Pemangku Raja). Sultan juga
berkuasa membubarkan DUN jika perlu.

http://mstar. content.jsp? id=com.tms. cms.article. Article_d8c52d0d -c0a85062- 9df61d00- 74d7ae59

Amin Al-Ma'unah mati digantung

KUALA LUMPUR: Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali, Ketua
Pertubuhan Persaudaraan Ilmu Dalam Al-Ma'unah
(Al-Ma'unah) , yang terlibat dalam insiden Sauk enam
tahun lalu, menjalani hukuman gantung hari ini di
Penjara Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

What's Going On?

In the midst of the almost chaotic political situation within the Be End (not the nation, I am stressing on that!), I found this good video which seem appropriate for crisis they - the Be End - are facing. Well, undoubtedly the video is not the original song by Marvin Gaye, but hey, we are living in a time that is ever changing!

For the so call purist and fanatical followers of Be End - in relation to the song and Be End's controversy - I only have this to say:

Wake up! The only thing that will never change in this world is Islam!

Somehow on the personal side, I too am asking the same question: What's Going On?

An Informative Video

I am not going to tell you what's it all about, but would like all to watch it to the end. Thank you.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ayam Golek Halim: A True Rags To Rich Story!

My front neighbour, Abdul Halim, insyAllah will one day make the cover of a magazine as a true Rags to Riches story. Though he is yet even to be a millionaire now, he is slowly expanding his businesses ranging from a small chicken abattoir-retail to 2nd hand clothes to retail shop, and now, a warung-eatery in Kota Damansara. He has several medium cost houses which he rents out, and lives in a double-story-endlot presently valued at RM500,000 - no doubt a small value for corporate figures, but certainly above reach for the average medium income family. But it has not always been this way for Halim, for as he himself will tell to anyone new to him, he is a high school dropout. And his Rag-to-Riches began when at the age of 15, he ran away from his house near Kamunting, Perak to KL, to begin a life of his own.

I do not know his full story, but I do know that he took on several menial jobs somewhere around Chow Kit Road. Later, he joined a small Land Survey firm and traveled to many parts of Malaysia - mainly the jungles - to make surveys of the terrain for future development. After spending several lonely months in the jungles, he decided to call it quits and return to his hometown where he learned the art of slaughtering animals according to Islamic ruling from his father. With that knowledge, he set off to KL again and worked for several chicken sellers before setting up his own small abattoir in Kampung Kerinchi, KL.

It has been more than 15 years now since he opened the small abattoir cum retail outlet. Apart from the outlet's size has since doubled in space, so too has Halim's knowledge not only in the art of his trade - he holds certification from several Islamic bodies - but the art of business as well. Yet, for the achievements he has made in religious/community affairs and wealth, Halim has continued to be humble and soft spoken.

Several nights ago when he asked me to join him for teh-tarik, I gladly accepted as it has been more than a month we did so. We stopped over a row of roadside stalls where he showed me the end lot which he will be occupying for his food business. Naturally, I was happy and excited for him, as I know this was near to a dream he has been having for more than 2 years now.

Some 3 years ago, a friend introduced me to some business agents for a municipal council (PBT). To maximise the usage of an open community hall, the PBT had moved traders from another district into the grounds of the hall. A year after that, the PBT Director saw a business opportunity where on one part of the grounds would be leased out to an operator who would operate the place similar to a food bazaar. I, by then, had introduced the agents to Halim and we were both very keen to embark on this venture. Problem was, the PBT Director wanted a cut in the profits as well - without forking out a single cent! We were turned off with this and pulled out. To this day, there has been no takers on the proposal and business is running as usual; it was a good honest opportunity that turned sour due to greed on the PBT Director's part. My want to offer a menu which include Thai Green Curry, and Halim's idea of Ayam Golek, just could not be realised.

Just after maghrib earlier this evening, Halim called asking me to go to his new stall and collect a freshly cooked Ayam Golek. I was taken by surprise at the swiftness of him getting the stall ready, but am never the one to reject a kind offer. And there I was just now, sitting and mixing with Halim and his friends while the chickens turn slowly over an open charcoal pit built with metal frame.

Halim, the business minded as well a religious man, decided to cook 52 chickens and gave away all of it free to anyone who approached his stall. Within the 2hours I was there, scores of people - mainly children - had a delightful taste of his Ayam Golek! Some adults, even offered to pay full price so they can take away several chickens, but was turned down by Halim; my guess is that it was Halim's way of giving sedekah. But it was the children from the nearby apartments who had the adults laughing with their antics! Knowing that Halim was giving 1/2 of a chicken to each person or household, some took the opportunity by pretending they were strangers when in fact we know they were siblings! Some were denied, yet some got to Halim's soft side.

On his Ayam Golek, while I will not say it is the best I ever had, the taste is by far better than many including Kenny Roger's and Ayam A1 or even Ayamas - it is tender, juicy, and does not reek of charcoal smoke at all! And from tomorrow night onwards, the other part of the stall will begin its business of Tom Yam and drinks. InsyAllah, as the several businesses Halim has had his hands in, this too will be a success.

Success however, no matter how small, does seem to have its price. Sometime last year, when I wrote Could It Be Magic? Pt1 , I mentioned about Halim. Then, he was afflicted with a mystery ailment which medical doctors could not identify. It was only after meeting many people, Halim met a pious man who, alhamdulillah, was able to assist in curing the ailment. Though the pious man did not specifically mention it, Halim - who is a part time Imam at a surau in Kampung Kerinchi - was made to understand that his ailment could be due to some unseen forces, if you get my drift.

*Off topic: I have been following Halim's advice for sometime now, to avoid eating chicken and meat from Mamak's shops. Though he did not mention the chicken as non-halal, he did relate his experience.

In wanting to expand his business, he has been trying to supply the Mamak's shops with their need for chicken. However, after a year of doing so, the Mamak stopped buying from him, citing that they need their supplies almost 365 days a year, taking away 3 days for Eid Fitri and Eid Adha holidays. As most halal chicken suppliers take long leave - some up to 7 days - during the 2 Eids, Halim suspects the supplies might be coming from non-halal suppliers. He however, is unable to prove it. That leaves us to ponder on the matter ourselves. Hmm...and Malaysia is aiming to be the Halal Hub of the world.

A Minci Tag!

Hmm...these tags are really spreading aren't they? From one, you get another, and they spread almost like virus. Still, there are the good and the bad virus strains. And since this tag came from a lady who is doing medicine, I gather it's safe for me to comply. So, here goes:

Mama mia! For one who seldom receives any, one would have thought I would already have a list as long as my arm! OK, so my arm is not that long but...

1. A midnight sun for everyday that I live.

2. Several good pair of leather shoes.

3. An SLR Digital Camera

4. A Piano

5. A Basement Studio of my own, complete with D-I-Y stuff with a large aquarium filled with an assortment of small fishes.

Trying to figure what I want was already a headache, but now I have to...
1. Aaaah! Need it be said, that my nights won't be dark, ever again! And with it, my days too!
[Hmm...that's not exactly a picture of the midnight sun I have in mind ye :)]

2. OK, I have always had problem with my shoes. For one, I have learned from a pious man that we should not own more than 5. Currently I have 3, but ever since 10-11, I have been able to use only one! Somehow, there's still a small swell on my left leg, and I can only wear my Lee leather shoe. And I do hate going shopping for myself.
[See that shoe up there - I had a pair of it just after school. Then when my friends started calling me taukeh ikan, or the shoe motor-boat, I gave up on it. But you have to blame John Travolta for that.]

3. Slinging a large video camera while on duty, I have noticed some particularly good shots which only a still camera can afford! This is most especially true when the subject is a good distance away, where the zoom of the still camera performs better.
[Off course, I have to relearn still photography all over again]

4. Hmm...I don't think I need to go through that all over again.

5. While I'm not a real D-I-Y man, I sure would like to pick up on Wood Carving again, a hobby I had to give up even while in school due to the dust and mess the hobby creates. Thus, if I have my own basement, I have precious little to worry about unexpected visitors and so forth. Everyone is welcome to the basement, but don't expect it to be like a living room.

1. Initially I thought the name peculiar; you know, like Kuaci. But soon found out she's more than that!

2. Radiantly beautiful.

3. Quiet and shy if she does not know you...but don't that fool you as she can pick your brains out!

4. Warm and friendly.

5. Perhaps the most important thing is, she knows her hukum and is religious abiding.

MOST MEMORABLE THINGS SHE HAS DONE FOR YOU: She lit a day in my life with a simple statement "berusahalah..."

MOST LOVED INVENTION (doesnt have to be technically advanced)
The shoe. Has to be it! Otherwise you would find me dancing in the streets, quite like when one first step onto a bed of rocks with the sun blazing its most! Hmm...could this be why some tribes somewhere invented the Rain Dance?

WHAT DO YOU DESPISE THE MOST: Uncivilised drivers! The kind that hogs the fast lane while going at 70kmph; who either don't use their indicators, or don't turn it off; queue-jump; does not stop at zebra crossing even when there are pedestrians crossing. They, go hand-in-hand with corrupt politicians who abuse the trust of the people and nation!

Hmm...I think I have used my share of the quota. But if there's one left, that would be kerpie :)
1. kerp
2. Mat Salo (but he's seldom online these days)
3. GM! I think she likes doing tags.
4. Amin (but he's in Taiwan now covering the Taiwanese elections. Further, he's kind of serious when it comes to blogging!)
5 & 6. My 2 stray cats: Ku and Ching. But for the life of me, I just don't know where they are off to presently.
And oh, if I may add: anyone who is interested to do so.


I think its time for me revamp my blog - its getting cluttered already, so much so it looks like my room! Oops! But the real reason is not because of that...I now have a small headache whenever its news sending time - I need to separate friends from news sites. Otherwise, I keep forgetting what I was supposed to do; to visit friends or to pick up news?

And now when I think about it, it would most certainly be nice to have the lady of the house telling me what goes where, and where goes what!
"Darling, could you move that panel to the center?" says the Lady.
"Sure, for you hon, anything" says cakapaje. "Here?"
"Er...just a little bit more down" says the lady apologetically.
"A little bit up" as she bites her nails and put on a worried face.
"Darling..."the Lady steps nearer, "on second thoughts, I think it looks better at its old place" she says with a grin while holding the broom she was using to sweep the floor; her very pose and needless to say, the broom, provides cakapaje with the perfect excuse to accommodate her wishes. Well, its either that or...

Now, reading the above makes me wonder: I might be moving everyone to readscentral but I will have to rearrange that first! Thing is, when am I going to do the revamping, and when will the Lady be here? is tough, isn't it?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What Would Life Be Like?

There's this book I am currently reading. By right, I think I should not as I know next to nuts about the subject which is about neurology, but somehow I found myself hooked by it. Hang on, before anyone think I'm nuts already for buying a book which I know nuts about, well I did not! A very dear friend has asked me to safekeep the book till a later time. However, I may well have to agree to the label, for reading a book which I know nuts about. Hmm...

By the way, this entry is not about the book as currently I am only at page21. But, I went visiting a cousin today; he suffered a less-than-major stroke a few months back, yet his condition seem to be progressing well now. Still, his legs cannot support his body as they once used to and he either lie or just sit on the bed. Compared to many other stroke patients I have met, I would consider my cousin to be a lucky man. And as per norm with someone who knows nuts about nuts, I try to imagine how life would be like to be in such a state. I never got far, I don't mind telling.

One of the first things that came to my mind for situations as such, was learning that most people who became an invalid, would be overcome with despair and resign themselves from life. Statistically we were told (I was in a lecture given by an Actuarial some many years back), patients in this condition would not live past several years. Many feel humiliated about their inability and dependence on others, and are unable to accept their state-of-being. After years of independence of movement, the most simple matter of answering nature's call has now become a major problem - not because of bowel movement or urinary tract problems - but the inability to move independently to the toilet. This is most especially in the mornings. And that, is as far as I could imagine myself in.

I remember a time when I was hospitalised due to fatigue compounded by ulcer which caused heavy vomiting with bloody stains, I lay motionless on the bed unable even to think. At that point of time, it was the Thomas Cup Final where Malaysia was up against either China or Indonesia, I can't remember. The gentleman in the next bed, seeing I was already awake - how could I not with the noise from the TV - was kind enough to switch on the telly for me. However, his efforts were wasted as I just could not stay awake and was soon slumbering like a baby, only to wake up feeling still sleepy and sick 12 hours later. What I mean to say is: what had I not been able to sleep, and yet unable to move. I would be confined to such a state where only the mind is part of me which is alive. That is, a scary thought.

Back to the book - Phantoms In The Brain by Sandra Blakeslee & VS Ramachandran - it brought my thoughts to another book I read some very many years ago: The Truth About Life In This World by Harun Yahya. While the former approach the suject matter - the brain - from a medical perspective, the highly esteemed Harun Yahya used an Islamic approach, relating to the brain, but more on the spiritual aspect (if I remember it well).

Harun - the man and the book have aroused some controversy amongst some quarters - expounded on the human brain's frailties and capabilities, to the point of putting a notion forward that the entire universe and everything in it does not exist in physical form, but just a figmentation of our minds. Though not to be taken literally, I think I may see his point of view, though understanding it may be entirely different. I mean, hey, I'm just an average Joe or cakapaje with an average mind! To lay emphasis on that, I'll tell you how I managed to relate the book by Harun - by watching a movie!

Some 4-5years back, I watched this movie at a friend's place. The movie 'Dark City' had Keifer Sutherland playing a doctor in a world he thought was real as Earth is. Turned out to be, the entire human population there were prisoners on some alien satellite and there were no escape from it. Hmm...not actually an intellectual level of thinking, is it? I mean, when one relate 2 books written by some intellectuals to a movie from Hollywood, it just go to show how intelligent the mind is - that cakapaje's mind lah!

Anyway, I do think books are a dangerous thing and should be locked away! From one book, one is led to another, and another, and another like it will never stop! Its addictive and there is no cure to it...except for laziness, which sometimes, ok, make it many times, does afflict that cakapaje bloke. And it open the possibilities of one's life and get the mind thinking endlessly. Like right now, I'm beginning to think: What would life be if there's no books at all?

Guess you don't need an intellect's mind to wander or wonder that far eh?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Saved By The Bell

Sometime during last weekend, Wak and I covered a story somewhere south of Shah Alam, in a village which had we not been called by the villagers to highlight their plight, I would not even know they exist at all! Situated alongside the Klang River, this village - name withheld due to current investigations - have been around for 35years and as we were made to understand, it was awarded 'kampung teroka' status by the previous state government, similar to Kampung Berembang and Kampung Rimba Jaya. Ironically, that was one of the reasons the villagers called webtv8.

Wak and I arrive slightly after Asr and met the Village Spokesman and several others at a coffee shop there. Traveling in 3 cars, the villagers then brought us to a house situated beside the Klang River, and from there we had to climb a dike which was built to prevent the river from overflowing and flooding the areas alongside it. From there, we sighted 3 dredges and were told of another 2 just further up the river. These dredges, we were told, belong to a company which were given the contract to widen and deepen the Klang River, and perhaps the entire stretch of it from Kuala Lumpur to Klang!

Perhaps it is only logical for silts and sand to be scooped up from the river bottom and banks during the process of widening and deepening works. And perhaps it is only logical too that the scooped silt and sand are transported - perhaps sold - to another location. But I remember reading a by law somewhere that sand cannot be sold and transported out of a certain district or state mainly due to environmental problems it would cause later. Unfortunately, I am unable to retrieve the enactment yet. Further, due to the presence of some unfriendly looking people around the site, we were unable to ascertain the destination/s of the trucks (by the hundreds, we were informed by the villagers).

Due to the ongoing works, the villagers then brought us another site where part of the dike - on the village side - have been damaged and even broken in some places. This could cause the village to be flooded whenever water overflow the river banks. We were also shown a row of house which have been damaged perhaps due to sinking ground caused by the ongoing works.

When asked why they had not brought the matter up to the authorities, the Village Spokesman by the name of Azmi, replied they had! In fact, the former State Exco in charge of Mining even came down to look into the matter sometime in July 2007. However, 3 days after the visit, the number of dredges grew from 1 to the present 5, and works are still ongoing without any signs of stopping nor repairs being initiated for the damaged dike.

When the former State Exco came to the village, Heads of State Government Departments were brought along for a meeting with the villagers in the Community Hall. But instead of given assurance on the matter, the villagers were warned not to continue making noise about the matter! Worse, they were told, the houses alongside the river will be demolished soon after PRU12!

The villagers then made a police report, but were later told by the police that the matter is not within their jurisdiction.

Somehow, a villager managed to get in touch with webtv8 and have asked to bring the matter up. However, it will not be a simple matter and along with Harakah, we will be visiting the village again this Friday, insyAllah.

Still, looking at the matter, I would say the villagers are lucky! What, with a new administration, insyAllah, their plight will be looked into. Better still, their houses won't be demolished now.

Once an umno stronghold, the BA had slowly made inroads since 1999. During the PRU12, an overwhelming majority of the villagers decided they have had enough of empty promises, rhetorics...and threats by the government they had previously put into office.

Whatever the outcome of the investigations now, the villagers, as the saying goes, were saved by the bell, alhamdulillah. I just cannot and would not want to imagine had the results of the PRU12 had been otherwise.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Missing in Action

After 6 years of sending news almost every working day, the results of the PRU12 have made several people including yours truly somewhat lost! No, I am not referring to those lilliputians and the allies, but those like me, who spent hours each day working on the PC to get news out to Malaysians. The casualties on our front have been several precious few, including Pak Ngah, who passed away quite recently. There may have been many more, but since we work almost entirely alone, we never did get to know each other personally. But we were - similar to what Doc mentioned what he had done - the pioneers on this battle front. And though the war is far from over, those of us still remaining have sort of become disoriented.

I saw this WWII film 'The Battle of The Bulge' which Robert Shaw starred as a Nazi General. The film, was an enactment of a true battle which Nazi Germany had initiated to delay the Allies on their western front. The Germans took the Allies by surprise and gained huge grounds, and they were confident that the battle would be turn the tide for them. Their confidence - along with their remaining army - soon took a battering when the Allies regrouped themselves and launched counter attacks. Soon, the toll began to tell as the Germans - facing a severe shortage of men, equipment and supplies - had to retreat to the other side of the German border.

In the movie, the commanding officer of an SS Panzer Division, had an ambition of not winning the war then, but to prolong it. As - what he said in the movie - he was a professional soldier, and professional soldiers live for wars, and not peace. I can't say whether this part of the movie is history, but towards the end of it he died. Ironically, the battle did not save Germany, but brought a bigger catastrophe as more than half of the once great nation were conquered by the mighty Soviet Army, and along with it, the entire eastern Europe.

What I mean to say here is, the 6years I have been active on-line is a bloody long time. And as mentioned earlier, though the war is far from over, the results of PRU12 has left many on-line activists disoriented but perhaps, for the moment. When I mean by on-line activists here, are not the political bloggers and writers, but those who send news and information, many a times even plucking from those same said political bloggers. And many of these on-line activists are now plain tired.

Just prior to PRU12, some friends who attended the PACA training in Gombak, were told that the next SPR Chief is a bigger devil than the reigning one. Perhaps, the reason why the current chief's contract was extended was to pull wool over the public eyes. As Rashid is expected to retire soon, the new chief will supposedly come with a new clean slate. But as a devil that had been said about him, he will work doubly hard to be meaner and dirtier, just to give the lilliputians a victory.

Likewise with the lilliputians: the man from Pekan can be the worse tyrant Malaysia will ever know. With their General Assembly and office elections bound for this year, their ranks may be further weakened with dissensions amongst their very own. And should the man from Pekan takes the leadership, there will be no doubt he will wield his iron fist, putting many under the ISA at the same time. This man who has never tasted life as an ordinary citizen - knowing the economic hardships and of escalating inflation - will be portrayed as a man of the people and for the people. How could this be?

Earlier today when the Press questioned his links to the Altantuya murder trial, the PM dared to mention "there is no proof". Well, damn you PM! Damn you Najib! And damn you who support them either blindly or not! Have you then forgotten those many who still languish in Kamunting under ISA charges and all because the government could not gather sufficient proof? Incarcerate Najib under the ISA then!

No! No matter how tired one may be, the struggle still has to continue.

I have forgotten the names of 3 Sahabat of Rasulullah s.a.w. who were martyred in a battle, and even the actual details. But I will try to write the accounts as I remember. The first, a Standard Bearer, was killed by an arrow. As his body falls limp to the ground, another came to hold the flag of Islam waving, but he too was killed. Then another came and held the flagpole, but an enemy severed his right hand. He then held the flagpole with left, and that too was severed. Using the bloody stumps of both hands, he held his position. But the enemy was all around him and they severed both his legs and he fell - martyred in battle in a seemingly simple but courageous act of keeping the flag of Islam high.

Though we may never be able to equal the 3, insyAllah, we will try our best to continue this struggle. If we fall, there will always be another to replace us. We understand fully well that we are dispensable; but to those lilliputians and their allies, do you?

ps. On PRU13, my personal belief is that it will be held sometime within 24-36 months from now. I have only 2 theories for this belief for now:

1. The lilliputians will try their damnest to delay any BA projects within the 5 states from coming into fruition. This, will be their battle cry then that the BA has failed to deliver!

2. They intend to catch the BA flatfooted.

But as I mentioned, it is only my personal belief.

ps ps. I almost forgot to mention: the only reason for this entry is because several have asked about my 'disappearance' and have listed me as a Missing in Action case. :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Beware of Unconfirmed News!

Of late since the results of the PRU12 were announced - and even during the day - there were many news flying around about one thing or another. Some of the news, were rather explosive and quite controversial in nature, and several have caused quite a stir. However, many a times the news were unfortunately found to be untrue. I would like to take this opportunity to advise all my friends and visitors, to be careful of any news each receive, and if possible get confirmation of the news before spreading it.

The reason for this entry is due to the latest news which supposedly said that Tok Guru Nik Aziz will be gracing the Maulidur Rasul celebration at the Shah Alam Stadium on the 27&28 of March, 2008. This news was spread several days back via sms and email by certain quarters who may have been enthusiastic upon receiving the news from unknown sources. Upon receiving an email in response to that, I checked with Roslan SMS and confirmed the email below to be true, negating the earlier news mentioned above:

Re: Selangor menanti kedatangan TGNA untuk bermunajat di stadium Shah Alam.

"Kadet Pencen"

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullah hi wabarakatuh,

Semnjak akhir ini, terdapat banyak berita yang disebarkan samada secara peribadi, sms, dan juga emel, sehingga menyebabkan ramai yang tertanya mengenai kesahihan berita berita itu. Di sini, ingin saya meminta orangramai supaya mendapatkan kesahihan sesatu berita yang diterima sebelum menyebarkannya.

Antara satu dari berita yang diterima baru baru ini, adalah kedatangan YAB TG Nik Aziz ke Stadium Shah Alam pada hari Khamis 27/28 Mac ini. Setelah mendapat kesahihan dari 2 sumber:

1. Saudara Sayuti, Ketua Lajnah Penerangan DPP Shah Alam, dan
2. Saudara Roslan Shahir, Setiausaha Akhbar Presiden PAS,

izinkan saya menyatakan bahawa berita ini TIDAK BENAR; tidak ada atau belum ada lagi rancangan sedemikian buat masa ini! Saya juga telah difahamkan bahawa berkemungkinan besar kerajaan baru Negeri Selangor akan mengeluarkan kenyataan mereka tidak lama lagi.

Terima kasih.

Wassalamu'alaikum warahmatullah hi wabarakatuh,

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yes, Pardon Me; We Are Amateurs.

It was during the Press Conference given by Tan Sri Khalid that I saw her again. Her features are unmistakable for anyone else for though she is a lady, she has strong features that from a distance, anyone may think otherwise. Except for the presence of her long hair. But that, is still arguable to some.

As the room was packed with journalists and crew members, I chose to sit and listen from outside. If one remember well those sardine-packed mini-buses in KL especially during rainy days where all the windows are shut, then one would have followed the steps I did - just to show the fact how packed, stuffy and humid the room was even with air-conditioner at full blast. And it was while sitting there that I noticed her.

She was late for the PC and the room was filled to the brim by then. So she stood outside where I was while leaning her arse on the table where I sat. I recognised her instantly but she did not me. And the moment she turned her face my way and mumbled something which I could not make out, I quipped "You don't remember me do you?"

She gave me a long look and shook her head "No, I'm sorry I don't. Have we met?"

Sometime early in 2006, Wak and I covered the International Islamic Fair at the PWTC. As there were many prominent people around from all over the Muslim world, the organisers had arranged for the Media to hold interviews and Press Conferences, and had even kindly alloted the Media with a room to rest or do their write-up. It was while in the room that we met.

"Yes,"I replied "in PWTC during the IIF."
"IIF? No, it could not have been me, I don't do those stuff" she said back.
"No, you may not. But you were there for some interviews and PC's, including one with Tun Dr M" I mentioned.
That got her head nodding and she gave me another look while I continued on about the day in PWTC.
"I remember you well as you sneered at me when we were introduced" I told her. That, had her whole body turning to face me.

While exchanging information with some journalist from Bernama as well as an Islamic magazine, the lady came to our table and sat across me. She then introduced herself as we did with her. But when I mentioned about webtv8 and that we were volunteers, her face strangely became contorted and she let out "Huh! Don't you fool me! There's no such thing as volunteers in this world!"
I repeated my words and added "You don't have to believe if you don't want to", and left the table.

Several minutes later, Roslan arrived with Dato' Hassan Ali and Suwandi, on behalf of PAS Selangor. While Dato' was ushered into the room, Roslan and Suawandi stayed outside. It was then I pointed out Roslan to her. The contorted face she made at PWTC, she repeated it again, knowing full well the Roslan I pointed out was Roslan SMS. Then she said to me "We in the mainstream media know more about Malaysia than you guys. So please, don't try to change the world" (the last part is not verbatim but to that effect, and she meant bloggers and webtv8, including all the alternative media).

However not long afterwards, I saw her introducing herself to Roslan and trying to chat him up. In such circumstance, I could not help but snicker and said to myself "Amaterus, are we?"

*The she I refer here is a freelance lady journalist formerly from Utusan Melayu.

RED ALERT: Another Missing Child!

Jabatan Amal <> wrote:

oleh : M.S Abu Sahid (S/u UA DPPWP)
KUALA LUMPUR (Ahad) 13 MAC 2008 - ” Masa tu saya dan Awie (Asmawi) nak balik kerumah lepas bermain di cyber cafe . Saya sampai rumah saya dulu, lepas tu Awie pun pulang kerumah dia. Masa dia pulang tu la dia hilang.” cerita Aminuddin kepada wakil Unit Amal Dewan Pemuda PAS Wilayah Persekutuan.

Dalam keadaan adik Sharlinie Mohd Nashar yang sudah lebih 2 bulan tidak dijumpai, kini seorang lagi kanak-kanak lelaki Asmawi Jalalluddin, 11, dilaporkan hilang ketika pulang bersama rakannya dari bermain di pusat cyber cafe berhampiran dengan rumahnya di Lembah Pantai, Kuala Lumpur.

Sehingga hari ini, sudah empat hari Asmawi dilaporkan hilang. Menurut kakaknya Saodah, kejadian tersebut berlaku pada hari Ahad yang lalu sehari selepas tarikh Pilihanraya Umum ke 12. Asmawi yang pulang dari bermain di cyber cafe bersama rakannya Aminuddin, 12, didapati tidak pulang kerumah. Ketika itulah seluruh ahli keluarga Asmawi mula mencarinya disekitar kawasan perumahan mereka serta ditempat cyber cafe tersebut namun tidak menjumpai Asmawi.

Kemudian pada keesokan hari, Saodah bersama ibu dan ayahnya ke Balai Polis Brickfield bagi membuat laporan kehilangan Asmawi. Selepas itu seluruh ahli keluarga Saodah mengedarkan poster kepada orang ramai dikawasan sekitar Lembah Pantai sehinggalah semalam mereka telah pergi ke ibu pejabat TV3 di Bandar Utama bagi memohon TV3 menyiarkan berita kehilangan Asmawi.

Selepas mendapat maklumat dari berita tersebut, seramai 6 orang anggota Unit Amal DPPWP yang diketuai pengarahnya Saripuddin Mohd Yatim (gambar) bersama 5 orang Unit Srikandi dari Dewan Muslimat PAS Pusat telah bergegas kerumah keluarga Asmawi malam tadi bagi mendapatkan maklumat terperinci berkaitan kehilangan Asmawi.

Setelah mendapat maklumat tersebut, Saripuddin meminta agar keluarga Asmawi bersabar diatas ujian yang dilalui dan berjanji akan cuba membantu setakat yang boleh menjalankan operasi bersama Unit Srikandi mencari sambil mengedarkan poster kepada orang ramai seperti yang telah dilakukan terhadap kes yang sama menimpa adik Sharlinie, Nurin Jazlin, Mohd Haiqal dan Yin.

- Unit Amal DPPWP ziarah keluarga adik Haiqal
- Unit Amal DPPWP ziarah keluarga Nurin Jazlin dan menjalankan operasi mencari serta edar poster.
- Unit Amal DPPWP menjalankan operasi mencari adik Sharlinie sambil mengedarkan poster.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Natrah; An Inspiration?

I have at last finished reading Pramoedya's Earth of Mankind. In fact, I had finished reading it more than a week ago but had to put off writing about it due to the PRU12. And no, it was not that I was too busy during the period, but that my mind was very much preoccupied.

Wonderful book it is The Earth of Mankind, with intricate narration of life in early 20th Century in Java, the land of my ancestors. In many ways, whilst reading it, I found I could connect with Minke, the protagonist, and perhaps, even with Pramoedya himself. And were I a far flung descendant of a Javanese aristocrat, I might even find the book enchanting. But hang on, foremost here, I do have to thank our brother Mat Salo for loaning the book to me; thanks bro, I owe you one!

Since the book created a wave of some sort, I thought I might just as well put in my personal review. However, to do that would be most unfair to Bapak Pramoedya as the book I read was the English translation. Thus, the finely crafted words of the author could have been lost during the translation process. And I now find it a shame at not being able to read Bahasa Indonesia well enough for me to appreciate the artistry of Bapak Pramoedya literature. Still, I find the want to comment on 2 incidents in the novel which bears heavily on the story. I won't bore you with the intricate details but just on the surface.

The first incident was the moment when Nyai Ontosoroh became embittered against Mr Mellema, and how the 2 drifted apart, further than the distance between Java Island and Holland, the land where Mr Mellema came from. Nyai, though a concubine, had been treated with love, care and was given Dutch education by Mr Mellema himself. Nyai - who's spirit for living was almost non-existent ever since her own father 'sold' her to Mr Mellema as a concubine - found a new meaning in life and soon responded by becoming a willing partner in all matters concerning her and Mr Mellema, and even bore him 2 children.

The incident that tore them apart was when a Maurits Mellema appeared in their home and accused Mr Mellema of being an irresponsible father - Maurits, is Mr Mellema's legitimate son whom the latter left in the care of his wife in the Netherlands and never return. The unannounced meet caught Mr Mellema totally unprepared and his mind went kaput.

Nyai on the other hand, could not understand why the man she has come to love was unable to defend himself, and her, from the insults thrown; the much earlier betrayal by her own parents helped lay a course for Nyai to hate Mr Mellema almost instantly.

I somehow found that scene shocking as I had, by then, painted a rosy picture of the 2 in my mind; how could 2 lovers be embroiled in hatred on an issue that each could not understand, or as at least one of them - Mr Mellema - could no longer? But as the story unravels and reflecting on the past, I came to admire the strong will built into Nyai Onstosoroh. Mayhap, I could have even fallen in love with the character.

Now, the other incident which I would like to comment about is towards the later part of the book when Annelies, Nyai's daughter and Minke's wife by then, was forced by the Court of Law in the Netherlands, to be taken away from her family and the Island of Java, to a land which the Courts judged as her land - in the Netherlands! A land she has only heard and have never been to!

When I reached that part, I could not but remember a true life incident that took place within the same time frame of that century.

Sometime in 1937, a drama of equally epic proportion unfolded on the Indonesian Island of Java, where a Dutch girl of 5 grew up to become a subject of contention, and bloody feuds that unlike the novel, stretched up to 4 lands and 2 continents. Natrah was, and still is, a sad true tale of a tragic human life which the Courts of Law of a distant land who knows not - nor really cared - about the person and the trauma it would impose on her. The Dutch Court, bereft of a soul that could perhaps have put matters proper, tore Natrah from the conscious life she had known, and threw her into a land of totally alien culture and religious belief. But I cannot go on writing about her without feeling anger and sad about the whole affair. It would better for you to read it yourself here. Perhaps there scores more site of her tragic tale and scores more will be written in the future.

Back to Earth of Mankind, and as I mentioned earlier, I cannot help but draw parallel between Natrah and the book. Perhaps Natrah was, the inspiration for Bapak Pramoedya. But none the less, credits should not be taken away as the book, even as a translation it may be, had me glued for days on end as I snail-read through it. A truly marvelous story which must be read.

Now, will someone please tell me how to get hold of Bapak Pramoedya other titles?

Change The World

This is a nice video clip of a movie I think entitled 'Pay It Forward'. Honestly, I have not seen the movie nor even heard of it, but received the link via email. Do kindly watch it.

What I do like about this clip is that it is trying to reach to the mass to correct the mess of the world we live in. It may seem like a line from John Lenon's song 'Imagine', but I think the message here is more down to earth.

In this clip, the teacher tries to expose his students of 7th Graders to the real world of the community they live in. He does not reprimand his students for their initial objection, nor force them outright, rather persuasively guide them to a level of thinking they may have not been accustomed to. Off course, some may say this is just a movie and is not part of the US Education Syllabus, which may be the premise where the movie is based upon. But when I look at my nieces and nephews who were born and raised there, I think the premise is not far fetched at all. But let's leave the movie aside for a while, for watching it brought my attention to 2 other matters, distant as they may be, but related.

Before I begin on the matter, again I have to emphasise here that I am no religious scholar. But I am inclined to believe that the imparting of knowledge and perhaps wisdom by the teacher in the movie above is in line with Islamic values and thinking. Islam after all, is not confined to spiritual obligations alone (Hamblum MinAllah), but community obligations as well (Hamblum Minnanas) - apart from our obligations to Allah s.w.t., we are also to assist fellow beings(which is include plants, animals and even the environment). And one of the strong mind enforcement of both is the Solah Jumaat; the solah itself as our obligation to Allah, while the khutbah is the reminder to our duties not only to Allah, but the community we live in.

Here sadly, has been the failures of many khutbahs where the social aspect of the THE community are hardly touched. Rather, most of khutbahs seem out of touch with the reality of the community and worse, have been part of the propaganda machine of certain parties especially in the west coast and southern part of the peninsular. It has come to such that there have been individuals who ridicule the very idea or legitimacy of the khutbah! And when you reflect this on the teacher in the video clip, I for one, would think he can give a better sermon than some muslims, including myself; the only aspect missing from the teacher's khutbah would be regarding the reminder for Muslims towards Allah. From here, this thought led me to a quote by an unkown Ustaz, and one which is gaining more fame.

The quote I mentioned is: "Di negara sosialis kemudahan asas di beri percuma ( rujuk negara barat berfahaman sosialis). Tapi pelik di negara umat islam bermazhab sunnah waljamaah dan islam hadhari perkara ini menjadi rebutan untuk memiliki syarikat air dan naikkan tarif air.

Seorang ulama islam pernah berkata bila aku pergi negara orang kafir ada islam tapi umat nya kafir tapi bila aku pergi nagara umat islam umat islam ada tapi islam tiada."

Simply put, it means there are now more Islamic values in non-Islamic countries rather than the Islamic countries, of which Malaysia claims to be part of.

Anyway, these are just the thoughts that drifts in my mind. You may agree, and you certainly may disagree; such are your rights - and mine - in this life we live.

Waiting For The Midnight Sun

A fool I must be
and foolish one at that too

There I was under the open sky
with the darkness around
and above me
and I was waiting, anticipating
a brightness I had read
and thought would appear

All day long I looked forward
as I do so every single day
for this brightness to lit the sky
and the earth I stood upon
so I may bask in its beauty and be happy
to be embraced by its warmth
as I embrace it too with all my heart
but the heart of a fool

For the fool that I am
and the fool I will always be
I am made to face the reality
on the grounds I stand
the midnight sun comes not around
for it stays in a land far up north
while I stare up the heaven in darkness

A fool I must be
and foolish one at that too

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Call For...Unity?

Of late since the results of the PRU12 were announced, several people have been sending messages to several various yahoo groups and even to personal addresses, for a call to unite the Malays in Malaysia who are perceived to be under threat from...I have no idea who! After reading several exchanges, my rely to those who sent such call is this: "Bull!"

When one read the email, it looks like a genuine call. But, that is only on the surface. When one take into accounts of the GE results and the happenings just prior to it, perhaps one would wonder why such call are made only now and not before? In fact, Najib himself had boasted in Kelantan that this 2008 (PRU12), will be the year to 'treat' Kelantan (the exact words he used was 'merawat'). In other words, he was confident that Be End would capture Kelantan, and the Kelantan PAS State Government was heavily sieged from all angles, primarily the mass media. In Selangor, Khir Toyo has repeatedly made calls for there to be zero opposition almost in the same manner he declared Selangor to be zero squatter population. In both instance, the words put out by these 2 top goons hinted that there will be no quarters, no mercy, to be given to the opposition. It is as though the opposition - primarily PAS - is a much hated enemy. Were there any hints of reconciliation then? No! Why then, are such calls echoed by a small handful then? Perhaps one need to examine the whole scenario before replying. But to me, it is simply to save those lilliputians and not for the sake of either the Malays, nor of Malaysia.

Kindly do not forget too, PAS and PKR have been working towards this GE for quite sometime now. And though the leaders of DAP are not too kind with PAS, the grassroots supporters of both parties have no trouble working towards a common cause, which is 1) to free the minds of Malaysian from the yoke of those lilliputians and Be End; 2) to deny the 2/3 majority the Be End have enjoyed in the past (in many past elections via unfair and undemocratic tactics); 3) to wrest the government from Be End if possible. The PRU12 results has shown we may have succeeded in at least one - to deny the 2/3 majority which Be End have abused in the past!

Enough of what I think. Please read through the email exchange below and judge for yourself.

From:Send an Instant Message "Khalifah" Add Mobile Alert
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
To:"Kadet Pencen"
Ya betul...Takbir.

Kadet Pencen wrote: Salam,

Di manakah perpaduan yang diminta apabila anak melayu dihalau dan rumah mereka diroboh sewaktu umno menggunakan PBT dan PDRM untuk merampas tanah di kampung teroka Berembang, Rimba Jaya dan beberapa lagi?

Di manakah perpaduan yang diminta apabila segolongan keluarga melayu dianiayai apabila bapa bapa mereka ditahan di bawah akta kejam ISA?

Di manakah perpaduan yang diminta apabila mudamudi melayu ditayangkan hiburan tanpa henti sehingga merosakkan akhlak mereka?

Di manakah perpaduan yang diminta apabila khir toyo mengisytiharkan pembangkan sifar di Selangor dan kini pula mengisytiharkan pembangkang kuat?

Di manakah perpaduan yang diminta apabila kerajaan PAS Terengganu - MELAYU TU - diasak dan digulingkan umno?

Di manakah perpaduan yang diminta apabila kerajaan PAS Kelantan - MELAYU JUGAK TU - diasak bertubi tubi oleh umno?

Di manakah perpaduan melayu apabila pelbagai tohmahan dan fitnah dilemparkan oleh umno melalui media massa?

Tolong buka minda anda. Tidak ada perpaduan yang dapat dicapai selagi kita berpegang pada prinsip perkauman melayu, cina, india! Perpaduan yang sebenar hanya boleh dicapai melalui agama kerana Islam tidak memandang pada warna kulit, keturunan ataupun pangkat. Allah memandang pada iman hamba hamba Nya.

Seandainya anda benar dalam saranan anda, marilah sama kita berjuang di jalan Allah untuk menegakkan kebenaran dan keadilan untuk negara yang kita cintai ini.


Khalis bakar <> wrote:


Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 8:44:09 PM
Assalamualaikum semua..
Saya wakil dari org2 yg memperjuangkan orang2 melayu dan hak orang2 melayu..dan tidak menyebelahi mn2 parti2 politik..ingin menyampaikan pendapat sahaja..negara kita skg bagai dilanda tsunami dlm pilihanraya kali ini..sedarlah saudara2ku yang satu bangsa denganku serta seagama denganku..marilah kita bersatu semula..negara kita negara tanah melayu..satu hari tanah melayu kita akn hilang..negara kita semakin hampir kepada jajahan bangsa asing semula..ORANG2 MELAYU TELAH MULA BERPECAH...kemungkinan pepatah hang tuah "takkan melayu hilang di dunia" tidak boleh digunapakai lagi pada satu hari..Sedarlah wahai orang2 melayu..bangunlah..bangkitlah...Marilah kita bersatu semula..Sayangilah tanah melayu kita..Perjuangkan semula parti orang melayu kita terdahulu..yg memperjuangkan orang2 melayu..Sekali saya tegaskan..MARILAH KITA SEMUA BERSATU..SAYANGILAH TANAH MELAYU KITA YANG SEMAKIN HILANG DIPIMPIN BANGSA ASING..SEDARLAH SAUDARA2KU SEKALIAN..
Bersatulah wahai Bangsaku
Sedihnya bangsaku,
Kulihat perpecahan dimegah-megahkan�
Ku sedih tapi tak mampu lagi diungkapkan�
Bagaimana bangsaku sanggup memusnahkan bangsaku
Demi kepetingan peribadi�..
Takut bila memikirkan bangsa ku�.
Apakah mereka sedar pihak lain sedang mengambil kesempatan
Atas kejahilan dan keegoaan bangsaku,
Perpecahan membawa malapetaka�
Tapi ada yang masih tersenyum bangga�.
Atas kejatuhan bangsanya sendiri
Dapatkah kita pertahan hak kita ;
Kalau kita tidak bersatu�..
Mengapa harus berpecah��..
Sedangkan kita tahu kita ketinggalan��.
Sedarlah bangsaku demi masa depan anak cucu kita��
Kesilapan kita membawa malapetaka yg MENGHANCURKAN�..
Jgn nanti kita Hilang hak diatas tanah kita sendiri� Nau�zubillah�..



A Criminal Act?

When I put up my previous entry, I thought I did not want to write anything about the just concluded PRU12 anymore till a later time. But circumstances forced me otherwise. Thus forgive me if you do find it a bore.

Earlier this afternoon, PAS President held a Press Conference in Bangunan PAS, Kuala Lumpur. As usual, Wak and I arrived early but was surprised that there were many more journalists earlier than us. And for the first time since PAS Pusat moved into the building, or perhaps the times I attended a PC, RTM was present along with Sinar Harian, an umno daily tabloid.

As usual before the PC begins, journalists and crew members mixed around - some to reacquaint or get to know, while others trying to snoop on each other latest news, as did that reporter wannabe cakapaje.

After getting to know the Sinar Harian reporter, cakapaje then found himself in a conversation with reporters from TV PAS and a Chinese newspaper. Cakapaje then pointblank asked about the incident at the Selangor SUK Building as it was reported by the Chinese newspaper, and the reporter confirm it as true.

I now put the report which was made available at Laman M@ARHAEN as well as NYMHM below for wider exposure.

Selangor State Officers Destroy Documents …Sulit! -
By Koh Kho King Laman M@RHAEN
Just read the news in Sin Chew Jit Poh today…

Selangor State’s Officers were in the process of destroying some confidential (Sulit) documents when cleaning and tidying up preparing to leave the administration office and hand over the control to the new Opposites (Barisan Rakyat) new state government.

PKR and DAP members rush to the scene to stop the destroying process…but some have already been shredded.

(picture from Sin Chew Jit Poh)

According to PKR and DAP, all documents are government’s properties, NOT ALLOW to be destroyed! A mess in the office after the stopping…

(picture from Sin Chew Jit Poh)

Selangor treasury official later explained, the destroyed documents are “copies”, must be settled and the “Original” are still kept safe.

Original news (in Chinese) at:
http://www.sinchew. 57151